First things First! My Fave’s right now!

So this is my first blog. And I have so many things I’m thinking I could blog about right now, but I don’t know which one to start with! But! Since my hus and I had a great evening tonight that involved discovering some new things, I’ll start with THAT. First off, after he finished his homework, we went to Whole Foods for dinner. (Yes, I might have had some ulterior motives here – like getting some more Izze – but it was really for HIM too b/c the boy needed to eat dinner….) We usually get pizza or calzones, but tonight we tried their cheeseburgers and fries – I had their sweet potato fries – SOOOOO GOOD! Found my peach Izze along with some blueberry and apple Izze – so of COURSE we grabbed some of each! They had some new bags, and since I’m trying to save the planet from plastic bags, I HAD to buy some more bags – the 20 I have are just not enough! After our 8:30 p.m. dinner, I was able to bribe him to take me to Giant Eagle to look for some other Nuun flavors. (We normally shop at Kroger since we can walk there, but GE is supposed to be carrying Nuun, so I had to find out if it was true!) Well, this particular GE did NOT have my Nuun, but they DID have the new Chobani flavors – SCORE! We love Chobani! All in all, it was a great night for new foods and tomorrow I will try another GE for my Nuun.


So about these pop tarts below…..My hus and I have drastically changed our eating lifestyle (I HATE the term ‘diet’ anymore – it’s a lifestyle change), and I have been CRAVING pop tarts so bad lately! I didn’t want the ones that I grew up on that had all those nasty, toxic ingredients in them, so I found these Nature’s Path ones at our local health food store, Raisin Rack. I had bought a box of them last weekend and the hus tried them and loved them too, so this time he was with me and wanted CHOCOLATE (yes, I have a chocoholic husband). I got him his chocolate ones, and me my raspberry. I opened my box this morning and had one for breakfast. I gave him instructions to not touch MY pop tarts and to only eat HIS chocolate ones! After work, I noticed that my box wasn’t on the counter where I had left them this morning, but his chocolate ones where there – with one package missing. To put it mildly, I flipped. I was like, “REALLY?! You ate one of YOURS and then TWO of MINE????? OH. mygosh. I can NOT believe this.” (and on and on and on…) He just kept saying that I must’ve taken them to work with me b/c when he woke up this morning, just his box was on the counter. Back and forth we went. It was kinda making me mad at this point b/c he’s sorta smirking and laughing and i’m just in shock that he would eat MINE! After a few minutes of this, I was like, “could you please leave the kitchen for a second?” He wouldn’t, but I managed to put my tail between my legs and open the cabinet that he never goes in to get MY box of raspberry pop tarts that I hid that morning. (Yes, I DID apologize.) Thank you Jesus for grace. And a forgiving husband. Love you, Philco! 😉



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