Things that make running happier

My friend Rachel got me addicted to running skirts. Literally, addicted. Like, I have probably bought one skirt a week for the past 2 months. Ya. But hey, you can’t have too many workout clothes, right?! I didn’t think so either. Here are 2 of my faves right now. The orange one is by Avia and the turquoise is from 90 degrees by Reflex.


90 degrees also has AWESOME capris – which are a major score at TJ Maxx for $16.99 b/c they are regularly around $98! Don’t mind the wet shirt in the bottom pic – we had just gotten home from the farmers market and it was raining pretty good. But we felt like true Portlanders b/c we didn’t carry umbrellas! (Portland, OR is our dream location to live someday….)


Speaking of the farmers market, we went there specifically for the bison farm stand. We found them last year and they are from right outside of Columbus, but it’s like 45 minutes away, so we never did go there in the off season to get more bison. However, we went to where they were located last year, and they weren’t there!! So we walked back up the one side of the street (and by this time, my boyzzz was telling me he was sick of walking in the rain and to make haste as we walk…). Got him to go to the other side of the street since we had to walk back the other way anyway, and low and behold, it was the very last booth/tent we came to – and we literally almost passed it! He was already past it and I happened to look up and see “BISON” and I was like, “PHIL! THEY’RE HERE! IT’S HERE! I FOUND IT!” I think the 2 girls in the tent might have thought I was crazy, but mission accomplished.


We also got some cucumbers, tomatoes, blackberries, honey (summer and fall honey – which I did not know that different seasoned honey’s existed until today), and some french toast bread. Which of course, we had to try the toast w/ honey as soon as we got home! YUM!


Something else that makes me a happy runner – NEW RUNNING SHOES!! I used to think I was a Nike girl b/c my name was Nikki. Nikki – Nike – Nikki – Nike. Ya, don’t judge. But after trying some Adidas shoes last year, I think my feet and knees started loving running again. The saucony’s are pretty comfy too – for shorter runs.


And one last thing that makes me a happy runner – the Color Run with my mom, sister, and nephew!  I was worried at first b/c 2 minutes into the run, my nephew was saying he was done and wanted to go home. I’m like great. I dragged him into this and I will never live this down. It took a while to get to the first color zone, but once we did, it was ON! He started running and I just ran behind him following him all over the place. We had a blast – thunder storm and all! Hey, what other times are you able to get dirty and jump in puddles splashing anyone and everyone?!


And in case your wondering, no, I did not run today – but I DID go to spinning all bright and early! (8:30 on a Saturday)


6 thoughts on “Things that make running happier

  1. Hi Nik!! I’m LOVING your blog!!! You are SUCH a great writer! And I’m SOO relating!
    So funny because I’ve also run off and on since high school, but in the past year or so, I’ve really been more dedicated and working towards different running goals (which often includes attempting to burn off more calories than I eat each day)…its definitely been on more than one occasion that I really did run for pizza…or chocolate…or ice cream…or food in general 🙂
    Anwyay, Edgar & I ran our first half-marathon in April. We’re running our second in Portland(!) on September 1st…I had no idea you wanted to live in Portland. We visited there last summer and are looking forward to this Labor Day weekends visit.
    I love the cute running skirts! And I gotta tell you that I’m addicted to Brooks running shoes…I tried a pair of the Ghost 5 about a year ago and loved them. Just bought a second pair today…different model (Glycerin)…but same brand, and I can’t wait to run in them later 🙂


    • JENN! Thanks! Good for you guys running! Congrats on the first 1/2!!! Oh I’m so jealous of your upcoming race in Portland! You’ll have to post some pictures! Neither Phil or I have been there – but we wanna move there! haha…we’ve just researched it so much & looked at so many pictures that we love it already. Ya, Brooks is the #1 running shoe but I get so scared trying new shoes! I never know if they are going to kill me! Although I need to check because I think some of the running stores around here have a return policy if they don’t work out. You’ll have to let me know how the Glycerins run!


      • I actually loved the area outside of Portland (around the Columbia River Gorge) better then the city itself when we visited last summer. We hiked up by Multnomah Falls…it was one of the most BEAUTIFUL hikes we’ve done, and are planning to do again before the race (I’m not sure if this is a good idea or not…but I loved that hike, and I don’t care if it affects my race time to do the hike a day before the race 🙂
        I didn’t realize that Brooks was a highly ranked running shoe…I had gone to a running store we have here about a year ago, and they had me try on about 5 different types of running shoes, and the minute I stepped into the Ghost 5, I knew I’d found the one 😉 I was actually really hoping to love the feel of a version of New Balance just because they’re made in the US, but I just wasn’t feeling it when I went to try them on. The Glycerins are incredible…I’m loving them!! Looking forward to run in a little bit 🙂

        I saw that you had a pretty long run this past weekend….are you training for an upcoming race?


      • We had screen savers and backgrounds on our computers of Multnomah Falls for the longest time…lol. When you went to the running store, did they have you run on a treadmill and walk barefoot to see how you run? I did that at a running store here and it was pretty cool. That’s where I found out that the best shoe for my stride/feet are the Mizuno’s. I just have yet to buy a pair…I’m trying to get rid of “heel striking” too. So how was your run today?
        I really wanted to do the Columbus marathon in October, but after my first go with 26.2, I’m not gonna lie, I’m kinda scared! I mean, I know I could do it with the right training, but I dread running those 16, 18, 20 mile long runs by myself…I need a running partner for that! I’ve thought about finding a running club though that does that longer runs together – or is training for the marathon. I just figured that I’d try to do the longer runs right now and see how it goes, and then next year i’ll really dedicate myself to training for the full. I would just like to do a couple more halves this year because I’m already trained up for that!


  2. I think I’m kinda on the same page…I’m gonna do the half in Portland over Labor Day weekend, and then we have the Santa Barbara International Marathon/Half-Marathon in November. I was really thinking and training for the marathon, but I’m also starting to get a bit scared that I’m not quite there yet. So I’m thinking I may just run it as a half 🙂

    And yes, at the running store they watched my stride on a treadmill and barefoot, and had me try on 4 or 5 pair of shoes. It was then (back in December) that I first tried on the Brooks, and loved them 🙂


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