Oh happy day!

Slept in until 8:00 this morning and it was glorious. Except for the fact that I woke up on the couch. We used to “camp out” on the couch every Friday and Saturday night, but the last few months, it has killed my back. Saturday nights are usually movie nights with my mom and I always end up falling asleep during the first movie – we always get 3 movies. After my mom and P.I. finish all the movies, he usually will wake me up to go to bed. But not last night! Oh no. He likes camping on the couch and since I haven’t been into the couch lately, he just left me for his own benefit. But this morning I didn’t even care. Because all the windows were open and it was chilly last night, so I woke up refreshed to the sound of the birds.

My plan was a 10 miler this morning, so I fueled up, read some blogs for motivation, and left at 9:30-ish. This was my pre-run fuel and it just hit. The. Spot. this morning. That french toast bread/toast is no joke.


I’ve been going back and forth running with music because since all my music is partying/dance music, it makes me want to run like this: Image

And it’s fine to run like the road runner coming out of the gate when you only have a couple miles more to go feeling like your going to die, but when you have 9 more miles to go, it just ain’t cool, ya know what I mean? So in order for me to start out SLOOOOOOOOW, and focus on my breathing, I’ve just been skipping the dance music for 8 mile and over runs.

It was also THE. PERFECT. WEATHER. this morning for running! I mean perfect! It was cloudy and overcast, windy, 60’s. I would rather deal with a slower pace b/c of the wind, than the heat draining the life/energy outta ya making you feel like you are going to have a heat stroke any minute and how will your hubby get notified that you just bit the dust on the sidewalk of Otterbein or Alum Creek Trail?! Thank you Jesus for clouds, 60 degrees, and WIND!

Since I’ve been running different routes lately so I don’t get bored, Philco worries that I’ll be kidnapped or something and he won’t know where I am. So I downloaded 2 apps that track you, your speed, and tell the person if you have stopped moving for more than a few minutes. Today we tried the one called Glympse. It has you send a text message to someone telling them where you’re going and for how long you expect to be gone. The Hus loves these kinds of things. He tracked me during my 1/2 race this past May. He tracked my plane all the way to Texas a few months ago. He’s all about the technology – which is great for me having the geek squad at my service because I’m GREAT at breaking technology. It’s a gift. Anyways, after my run, he said he followed me and loved it, but it drained my phone battery. Probably because I also was using my phone for the Nike running app too. I usually use the Nike sport watch, but with the clouds, I couldn’t get the GPS signal. (Note to self: BUY A POD HOLDER FOR YOUR SHOES ALREADY!) I actually thought I turned Glympse off at mile 8 because I didn’t want my run to not get tracked, but somehow it didn’t turn off. Which is good because boyzzzzz said he would have come tracked me down if he had lost the signal. 😉 My phone died as soon as I walked in the door. Run was 10 miles/1:40/10:01 pace.

After I took a shower, my mom and I ran some errands (AKA shopping – Philco has finally figured out that “errands” actually means “shopping”.) You’ll be able to sleep tonight now knowing that I found my Nuun at a different GE – in some new flavors we haven’t tried yet – and it was $1.20 cheaper than at Dicks Sporting Goods! Sorry DSG, I still love you.


When I got home, I had these waiting for me. For no reason. 😉 I think he’s a keeper. (There were 5 Cheryl’s cookies, but my mom and I had to try the sugar cookie w/ strawberry butter cream frosting…we tried the lemon next. YUM!)


We ended up making the Italian bison sausages on the grill (with grilled peppers and onions), corn on the cob on the grill, and I make homemade mashed potatoes w/ onion and garlic. SO good! Dessert – brownies and moose track ice cream, oh yes!


These are the brownies we buy because they don’t spike your sugar. The ice cream, not healthy at all, but we had a coupon for $1 off and it was already on sale for $2.99. That’s how we do things around here.ImageImage

And now The Hus and are are starting to watch a new show from the beginning – Medium – because we just finished watching all the seasons of Fringe. 😦

How was your weekend??


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