It was better than nothing….

Ya know how I flipped out on Boyzzz because I thought he ate my pop tarts? Well, this morning I woke up starving – which is not normal for me at all!  I usually don’t get hungry until I’ve been up for a couple hours, and if I’m not going to be working out right then, I’d rather eat eggs and spinach b/c it’s not carbs. But I didn’t have time for all that….So I did what any good wife would do. I ate my husband’s last chocolate pop tart. I know. I should know better b/c i’m female and I know what it’s like to have your last piece of chocolate disappear when your PMSing. But I knew he would understand. And as long as he has his cereal & almond milk, I knew he would let it slide. 😉 I did buy him more cereal, so we’re cool. <insert fist bump>


Oh! Guess what? I don’t like key lime pie. I mean, I’ve never actually had it, but it has never even sounded good to me. So I really have no idea why the key lime chobani sounded good to me this morning as I was packing my lunch, but it did so I packed it. OH. MY. GOSH! SOOOOOOO good! You must go out right now and get yourself some. And then eat it. You’ll understand. Ya know what else is SOOOOO good? Clif bars coconut chocolate chip. You might as well buy some of those too as your buying the key lime chobani because you really need to experience these 2 things in your lifetime. Seriously. I mean, after you at least finish listening to me talk about my day! 😉

So Tuesday’s workout was going to be total body conditioning at 5:30. I get there, look at the sub list, and it’s the normal teacher. YAY! I don’t like subs. 99% of the time, they are just not as good as the regular drill sergeant instructor. Between the 2 instructors I go to, I pretty much live every minute of every day with sore muscles. But I kinda like it. Anyway, I get in and set up my stuff and a sub walks in. Really?? I had already heard she wasn’t as good as our regular, but she was the nutritionist I met with before, so I thought whatever, my stuff is set up and i’m kinda invested now. (I didn’t want to just walk out at this point with her right there – even though other people were…) It wasn’t as much cardio with the weights as usual, but it was definitely a decent strength workout. At least I sweat and it was better than doing nothing at all right?! (Apparently our regular instructor was on vacation & called for a sub b/c she didn’t want to come home from vacation yet…must be nice eh?)

I stopped at Trader Joe’s to stock back up on a new found love:


Don’t make me say it again! – Go get yourself some of this too! SOOOOO good! Came home and The Hus had already eaten dinner, and since burgers and mac was on the menu, I just skipped the burger and ate the mac. Figured since I want to get up early and run, I might as well have the carbs…Lemme just say, this is some of the best healthier mac-n-cheese!


Of course after I ate, PS2 decides he wants to go walk the 2 mile trail at the park and he wants me to go with him. Bah. He isn’t big on working out, so when he wants to, and he wants me to go with him, I try to go to support him. And I figured since my class at the gym wasn’t much cardio, this could be good. He didn’t feel like running, and I hate walking, but we walked. I kinda ran in circles around him a few times and ran up any hills we came to, but it was a nice, relaxing walk spending quality time with my boyzzz – and we saw a deer. And he actually got out of his kinda crabby mood and let me hold his pinky for half the walk. 😉

IMG_0443 IMG_0444 IMG_0447 IMG_0448 IMG_0458 IMG_0461

I don’t know what it is about walking, but I think it is so much harder for me than just running – especially since he walks so fast that it feels like your practically running anyways! How about you? – if your a runner, do you like walking too??

And P.S. I am not  an early morning workout person, but I figured if I say that I want to get in a morning run to you guys, I have to do it. So if anyone who has my number wants to call me at 4:30 A.M. and tell me to get my ^&# outta bed & run, it won’t be appreciated, but might work…just sayin’


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