4 alarms and 30 minutes of snooze later…

So you will all be happy to know that I did actually get up this morning…while it was still dark…to RUN! I have been trying for the past few months (off & on) to get up and get a run in before work, but I am just not a morning person! I mean, I am a morning person, but not to the point of having any type of energy to workout. I think I have ran before work, in the dark, a total of 3 times?? I mean, I have set NUMEROUS alarms, slept on the couch, slept in my workout clothes (my friend Rachel’s idea), and even had my mom call me one morning b/c she is up and at work by 4:30, but for some reason I seem to just enjoy listening to my alarm go off every few minutes and hitting snooze…

Another issue I have about getting up early to workout is: i’m a night owl. Ya, so staying up until midnight just doesn’t fly when your alarm goes off at 4:15 for you to actually look alive and MOVE! I did go to sleep at 11 last night (I think?), which was still too late and I hit snooze on all FOUR alarms for 30 minutes. Ya, The Hus said if this becomes a habit, he’s sleeping on the couch.

I made it out the door a little after 5 and did 4 miles. I really don’t know how people do speed training that early in the morning…but then again i’m no http://www.hungryrunnergirl.com/ or Kenyan. This was my workout this morning:


The only real bad thing I encountered on this run, was that Schneider’s bakery was up even earlier than me baking donuts and I could smell them for half my run through downtown Westerville. (Note to self: don’t take any money with you on your runs or else you will just eat the calories in the form of a donut while you are trying to burn said calories.)

This may have been a little forced so that I looked like I was awake and actually enjoyed my run, but I think the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow pot of coffee helped. (I remembered to push the start button before I left.) And yes, I wore the same clothes that I worked out in last night. Don’t judge. It was 4:30 A.M…can’t you just be proud of me for my accomplishment?!


I typically don’t eat breakfast that early, but I was worried that my stomach growling would wake up sleeping beauty, so I did the smart thing – ate chocolate in the form of cereal. My child (Roxy) was crying for breakfast too, because she heard a cereal box open, but apparently she doesn’t like chocolate?! I have no clue how she’s part of this family…

IMG_0472 IMG_0478

Hope you were able to get out there and sweat off some calories today!

Do you like to workout early in the morning or in the evening? Or maybe your all crazy and workout in the middle of the day…?


4 thoughts on “4 alarms and 30 minutes of snooze later…

  1. I fee li ke I want to workout in the morning before anyone else is up and going ….but it just doesn’t happen…and if I leave it for the end of the day, I have a million reasons why I can’t. So I’m a middle of the day girl. 4-5 days a week…at around 11:30 when the littlest one goes down for her nap 🙂


    • I hear ya! – I would love to be a morning runner, but I think I might just love sleeping past 5am a 1/2 a mile more than running…Whatever time works for you to stick to it is what you should do! Do you take Liliana in a jogging stroller with you??


      • Exactly!
        I used to have one, but we actually didn’t get a jogging stroller for Lili. So during the week, I run on the treadmill usually as soon as she lays down for her nap. I work mostly from home and between work, taking care of the house and cooking, and taxiing the older kids around, it just doesn’t seem to work for me to actually get out of the house to run during the week. But then on the weekends, Edgar and I usually take turns getting in our long runs outside 🙂 I LOVE running outside but usually run the same route from our house….past a bunch of horse ranches, vineyards and farms 😉


      • Well that’s good that you found a routine that works for you – and for Edgar and the fam! Whatever works that will keep you committed I say! I know as much as I would like to be a morning runner, I probably won’t be one unless I was at home or didn’t have to be to work until mid morning. Running at about 7 or 8 I like. At least you have some nice scenery to run past on your longer runs!


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