Nine lives

Can I just start with stating the obvious? IT’S THE WEEKEND PEOPLE!! Can I get an ‘Amen’? Is it just me or does everyone else start counting down the days until it’s the weekend, on MONDAY?! I mean, even at jobs I liked I couldn’t wait for the weekend! This is my thought exactly…



Every Friday and Saturday, even though I have a ton of energy because it’s the weekend, I feel like I walk like a 100 year old woman because I am soooooooo sooooooooore from my Thursday night workout – no limits circuit with this drill sergeant instructor – This class is seriously my most favorite class. It’s a mixture of cardio and strength – both cardio and strength at the same time. For 60 minutes. It’s not a workout for the faint of heart… If you’ve ever done Insanity or boot camp, it’s like those put together. (And I know this because I’ve never gone through boot camp. But I actually have done Insanity – not the whole plan thing, but here and there…)

Each week we use different stuff – benches, med balls, figure eight bands, hand weights, bosu balls, jump ropes, towels – oh yes, towels (that workout is no joke!) – weighted bars, and regular exercise bands. He told us from the beginning that the less equipment he tells us to get, the harder it will be. With that being said, the last few months have been brutal! I’m talking, we end up needing like, 1 piece of equipment…Ya, I said ONE. At that point, you know that you will have to take on cat-like characteristics and use all 9 lives during that 60 minute workout. It’s mostly the same people in class each week, so we must all just love the torture to keep coming back for more. I know I do. Last nights class consisted of a bench and weights. And a mat. A mat is always a given because there will always be those god awful push-ups. And I dunno about you, but I can’t do 3 rounds of push-ups, man-style! The thing that keeps bringing me back to this death sentence, is that I will see results. I’ve realized (after finally trying group classes), that I will never push myself as far as I can go. I need that push from an instructor and working out with a group of people who are all fighting for results too. After years and years of working out on my own and thinking I was “all that”, I realized I was nothing. I was never working out and pushing myself like I am now in group classes. So if you’ve never tried classes – TRY THEM! Seriously. I encourage you to just try one, because you will get a completely different workout (as long as it’s a good instructor with energy and has the ability to inspire and motivate).


These are pretty much another staple in all of the classes I take…


Needless to say, I sleep like a baby on Thursday nights. Today after work I went for a 6 mile run. I thought it was going to storm because it was sprinkling and cloudy, and the weather was calling for storms, but nope. Weather was great! Except for the fact that I forgot my sunglasses. I have to wear sunglasses. Even if it’s not sunny I wear them because I wear hard contacts, so if any kind of dust gets in my eyes, i’m in pain. Huge epic fail for me today forgetting them! I survived of course, but at the end it was rough after passing people mowing their lawns. This was my run today:


After my run, I rushed home, took a shower, and my mom and I went to a jewelry party that a gym friend was having. That was a nice, relaxing end to my night – jewelry, friends, wine…


Random – i’m in love with mint green this summer…(that really is mint green on my toes)


So what plans do you have for the weekend?


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