Who needs both eyes and a GPS watch to run?!

This morning was a 12 mile run. I decided to run at Olentangy trail because it’s a really nice, long trail. Running around Westerville has been a nice change, but it’s so much stop and go at lights. That, and running on the trail can be motivating as your running with lots of other runners – and bikers – and dogs. Seeing people running with their dogs makes me want a dog so I can take her running with me…But we live in a condo and can’t have pets, so that kinda bites. 😦 (Although we did sneek in a cat and she’s pretty cool. But I don’t think she would enjoy getting out of the window to go for a run.)


On my run, despite my body and feeling great until mile 9, I had a few little mishaps…The first issue I had was with my contact. Right around mile 3, I went to wipe the sweat out of my burning eyes, and my left contact slid up my eyeball. Since I wear hard contacts, they don’t just slide back into place. No. I have to dig around my eyeball and pop it outta my eye, clean it (typically with my spit, I know, I know…don’t judge.), and then put it back in. However. I was scared to stop so early because 1. if I stop running during a run, its sooooo hard to start running again! and 2. I was afraid if something happened to my contact when I was taking it out, it would be a little rough to run 9 more miles without a contact. I at least wanted to get to the 6 mile point so I was at least half done. So I suffered and kept running with tears streaming down my left cheek while I held my left eye shut. (Good thing I remembered my sunglasses so no one thought I was winking at them continuously). Finally, about mile 4.5 I couldn’t take it anymore, so I stopped at a bench to fix it. (Thanks fellow runner girl for offering me some water to clean my contact – even if I didn’t use your water!) Anyway, mission accomplished. The wind did not blow my contact away, and I was back up and running in less than 30 seconds.



So about 2 or 3 years ago I finally (after years of saying I wanted a running watch and then I would start running again consistently…) got the Nike GPS sport watch. (And I actually got it for free because of my work benefit perks!) I’ve loved the thing and wear it for every run. I don’t know if I could run without not knowing how fast or how far i’m going. Do you?! About mile 8 I was dying of thirst (I’ll get back to this issue in a minute because this is another obstacle in my running life). I knew a drinking fountain was coming up, so I quickly hit pause on my watch, took a huge gulp of water, hit continue on my watch and started back up. Only, as I was watching my watch, I realized the miles weren’t calculating, but the time was continuing! UGH! And up to that point I was doing under a 10 minute mile and was so proud! I messed with it for about 5 minutes and finally just ended that run and started a new run – and it was working again! Yay! Only, I’m missing about .50 mile being tracked. 😦 I dunno about you, but I like to have proof of how far and fast I ran! I guess as long as I know, that’s all that matters…

IMG_0532IMG_0530 IMG_0531


I also took my ipod, but didn’t even end up listening to music. It was so nice to just run and enjoy nature and people. What still excites me though, is that I finally found some ear buds that hold up under sweat! I ran with my ear buds in my ears the whole time and never once had to touch them – that’s cause for a celebration. I think I quit running with music in the first place because having ear buds fall out of my ears every 10 seconds due to sweat, was becoming quite annoying! So if your looking for some great sport ear buds, these are the icing on the cake – Yurbuds and they are made for women:


So back to fueling and hydrating during long runs…I’m having a hard time with this because usually if I drink while I’m working out, I get cramps. I’ve been carrying gummies (or as my mom calls them, “juju beans”) since my friend, Rachel, recommended them. I had bought the sports beans first, but I wasn’t a fan of them. I found the ‘Honey Stinger’ ones at our local health food store though, and I love those. I ate 2 at mile 6, 2 at mile 8, and 1 more at mile 10.


I knew I needed water and was getting dehydrated right around mile 8, but I didn’t want to deal with cramps. I took just one big gulp today and didn’t get cramps, but my other dilemma is this: I don’t wanna carry a water bottle! I don’t wear a running belt, but have been thinking about getting one. Skinny runner at: http://skinnyrunner.com/ recommended running belts from hipssister.com, so I might get one of those, but as far as carrying a water bottle…i’m not thrilled about the idea. But I suppose if I need it to not die running long distances, I suppose it might be worth it. So what do you do to fuel and hydrate on long runs??

In other random news…

‘Member how I said I was in love with mint green? I’m in love with this pastel purple too. And this Zoya nail polish (http://www.zoya.com/) actually lasts longer than 24 hours and is natural! Its free of toluene, formaldehyde, DBP (phthalates), and camphor.


You’ll be happy to know that I finished folding my towels from last week and they are even put away in the closet!


Isn’t this top soooo cute?! Thanks to my sis winning an H&M gift card and letting me pick something out!

IMG_0511 IMG_0513

If your in the market for some really good protein/energy bars that are on the healthy side of the spectrum without all those nasty ingredients, these are some of my faves. The ‘Good’ ones I just recently discovered and these flavors are the chocolate peanut butter, chocolate mint, and chocolate coconut – YUM! Clif bar also has other bars called ‘Mojo bars’ that are super delish too!

IMG_0517 IMG_0527


One thought on “Who needs both eyes and a GPS watch to run?!

  1. I stole your good greens chocolate peanut butter bar while you were at work..it was good. So here is my review on the good greens bar because I ate it and you don’t even know it yet, it was yummy in my tummy 😛 lol


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