Can it get any better?

Oh. My. Gosh. Best news EVER tonight! Tonight’s workout was Strike class at the gym. Picture it as kickboxing moves holding a weighted bar. Oh yes. I use a 12 pound bar and lemme tell you – you sweat so good. I mean, of course there are burpees, but for the most part, your punching and kicking while holding this bar. This 12 pound bar. Or whatever other weight you wanna use – 6 pounds, 9 pounds, 15 pounds…It’s quite the cardio/strength pain workout that I love so much. Dontcha just love workout pain? And workout sweat? I do. Makes me feel challenged and accomplished.


So the best news EVER was not that I took strike class for the 500th time, but that my favorite instructor of all time announced that now that he is Insanity certified, the strike class on Monday nights will be replaced with Insanity classes. Ya, that news justifies bustin’ out some hip hop moves that I don’t even know how to do so that it looks good! Now, mind you, I own Insanity…and P90X…and a bunch of Jillian Michaels…and The Biggest Loser workouts…and Dancing with the Starts workout DVD’s…and yoga…and pilates…and a few other random workout videos. But I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – I don’t push myself as hard when I work out at home. Home is like my “relaxation zone”. Or something like that. Once I’m home, I’m in pj’s and bumming it. I like going to the gym to get pushed by someone else. Or running. Running makes me push myself too. So anyway, I’m super excited we’re going to have Insanity classes at the gym that are taught by the best. (Although most all of the classes he teaches, are literally insane…)

Home again, home again, jiggity-jig.


Don’t tell me you don’t drink wine out of a glass that is this size of your head…This shirt in this pic just reminded me that I did do a 20k race last September! It was at Sharon Woods park where I did all of my runs at the time, so I was on my own stomping grounds. My sanity thanks me for branching out to other running locations…

615079_4062617602647_506053171_o 169536_4062619282689_543457140_o

Although I was kinda bummed this year because that 20k that I did was part of a series called Greenswell. It was a series that had races at all 10 (or 12) of the parks in Columbus. There was like 1 race a month at all the different parks and they had a 5k, 10k, and the 20k. I figured go big or go home…Anyway, I kept watching for the series to start, but they didn’t have it this year! Woulda been nice to hit up all the parks for a race…

These are the typical views I have whenever I run at Sharon Woods:

262903_3950053508615_1086272266_n 615820_3974538960736_1765552216_o

And the reason I run and do deadly workouts:


Hi, I’m Nikki – have I told you that I like pens? Not even just like pens, I kinda have a “thing” for pens. Confession #1 I suppose. Everything always has a way of surfacing…My boyzzz brings me hospital pens all the time because let’s be real – pharmaceutical pens are the best! (hint, hint to my 2 pharmacist cousins that I’ll be seeing in 2 weeks…) This is just my purse stash:


Battle wounds. Do they make you sad or make you feel like a warrior? Me? Definitely a warrior! Didn’t even realize I had this baby until I got home from the gym tonight…it’s all coming together as to why my toe hurt the whole time…


Until tomorrow my friends, peace out! (And make sure you set your alarms if you need to be up for work tomorrow! Don’t pull a Nikki and wake up an hour late like I did this morning…)



3 thoughts on “Can it get any better?

  1. #1 I read this and hear myself…like in the way you deliver a sentence AND in I can relate to every word…I know why I am your “twin”
    #2 I also must get pushed in a workout class in order to be a warrior…I too have endless DVDs that do not get used
    #3 I really really wish you lived close to me :/ we could motivate each other and then classes I take at the Martial Arts place I go are amazeballs


    • LOL well isn’t it time for you to move again?? I’m sure you could find a job in the ‘bus! We talked about it before, but we should talk about it again. Let’s do a race together! We could do Cleveland or Pittsburgh!


  2. #4…you love pens and I love POST ITS (as you know)!!!!!!!!!! We are an awesome twin pairing.
    #5 I told the story of how we became twins a week ago at work when on of the supervisors and I wore the same shirt to work….


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