Take the good with the bad.

So I didn’t get a workout in yesterday OR today.



BUT! The Hus came home yesterday with this surprise –



Two of PS2’s mini-me’s eh? It’s just amazing that Boyzzz smiling normal because he’s typically just like they are in pictures…However, there was a little homesickness going on (we live 3 hours away), so as we took 1 home, we brought 2 more back with us (PS2’s other son and his friend).



So now that I’ve lost having a girl in this house, I’m trapped with an over-abundance of testosterone…prayers are welcome. Wine is welcome.  Any and all advice is welcome. Even gift cards to Kroger are welcome.

So tomorrow is a new day. And i’ll be sweatin’ it out at No Limits Circuit. Can’t wait.




Short and sweet tonight, but if I keep going I will not even be making sense because the exhaustion kicked in a few hours ago. I really don’t even know how i’m still awake and typing at the moment…Is this what a parent feels like?!


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