So I might have a couple confessions from the day. Actually, from yesterday, because I just woke up 30 minutes ago and it’s Sunday. Ya. It was that kinda day.

My Saturday started with 8:30 spinning with my gym friend, Mandy. I love spinning. I think it has drastically improved my running. And the instructor we went to does tabata’s. If you’ve never done tabata’s, your missing out and you should go get on a bike and do them right now.  You can actually do them with any workout, but I always forget that. I’ll have to try them in my running one day…but today is not going to be that day.  Just sayin’…Tabata’s are where you go all out as hard as you can for 20 seconds, then you “recover” – aka slooooooow it down – for 10 seconds. Rinse and repeat for 8 rounds – or 4 minutes.

So my first confession: I was going to name this post, “I LOVE DICKS sporting goods.” But I thought that might not sound appropriate.  But on the real, I do love dicks sporting goods. And every time I go there, The Hus gets a text that might sound inappropriate to you all too …No one will go to DSG with me. The Hus won’t go with me. My family would never go with me. (Although my mom is starting to sing a different tune now that I’ve turned her into a gym addict like me). Anyway, I went in there (in my sweaty spin clothes btw) to get a foam roller, gummies, and body glide. But of course I had to make my round around the place! And when I got to the shoe section, this invisible hand literally grabbed me! and set me right smack in front of the running shoes! Can you believe it?! I figured it was a sign so I ran with it…haha, ran with it…Anyway, since i’m a closet shopoholic, and 1. when I was at the running store buying my Adidas shoes, they told me Brooks shoes were the #1 running shoe (I tried on 1 pair but they were the wrong size, so I didn’t think any great thoughts about them then) and 2. my cousin has just been talking about how she loves them, I just thought maybe I’d try another pair on. (Or maybe I was delaying going home b/c I knew there were 3 teenage boys at the house who would be just getting up and probably hungry again??? Idk…) Ok, back to these Brooks. Tried on the usual 6.5 that I wear – too small. 7’s – too small. What the…?! 7.5’s – perfecto! I mean seriously perfect! Oh. My. Gosh! I don’t know how I didn’t notice the arch support at the running store, but I didn’t notice it and this time I did and I loved it! A couple years ago when I had a foot/running evaluation at a running store, they told me that since I had medium arches, I should use inserts with the arch support (never did…). So I dunno about you, but I can justify buying something workout related in less than a second. Oh ya. I’m that good, (Not that I have to justify it to ya’ll, but I have this guy at home that gives me The Look when I come home with bags that don’t have groceries or toilet paper in them.) And if I wouldn’t have taken them home with me, I would have thought about them during my next run and went back to get them, so you might as well just “save the gas money” and get them right then – ya know what i’m sayin’?? (Plus I had the motherload of coupons, so I had to use them before they expired…)

photo (1) photo (2)

So yes, My goal is 14 miles today and i’m wearing them. It might be an ID 10 T (computer/geek squad lingo that my hubby uses all the time – on me really b/c I have so many technology issues…) error, but i’m doing it anyway. I’ll let ya know how smart that was at the end.

After my therapy sessions excursion, I was staaaaaarving! Wouldn’t ya know, The Hus musta known that I was starving – or that the 3 teenage boys would wake up at 11:30 staving too – he had pancakes, eggs and sausage ready to cook when I walked in the door! YAAAAAY! Just what I wanted – CARBS! Seriously. So we cooked breakfast together. We cook together pretty much all the time, and I think we cook so well together because he is like Gordon Ramsey and I can – SOMETIMES – take directions well. I mean, I’m pretty stubborn, but after doing it my own way a few times and realizing it might not be a very good idea, I’ll then listen to him, Don’t judge. At least I can CONFESS this ugly stuff about myself – 1st step right?!

2013-08-10 12.23.13

This breakfast hit the spot btw…A little background on these pancakes: last year when the boys came, they wanted blueberry pancakes. BLUEBERRY. All we had in the fridge was raspberries, so of course my brilliant Hus made blueberry pancakes outta raspberries! Needless to say, we are still hearing about it a year later. So these real blueberry pancakes were a hit this time! (Or maybe it was that I made them? I was in charge of making the pancakes…)

So confession #2 – or is this 3 or 4? : I might’ve had too much to drink last night. Hence the waking up at 1:22 am the next day. But in my defense, it was a bachelorette party and we just had to use up our tickets! I mean, that’s just what you DO at a bachelorette party! It started at 3 at the Conservatory. It was a wine tasting festival and it was uuuhhhhhmaaaaazzzzzing! It’s already on my reminder list for next year…You got 10 wine tickets and 10 beer tickets. And then they gave the group more tickets since a couple weren’t drinking and it was a bachelorette party! As Rachel and I started walking to find the rest of the girls, we got sad that we only had 10 wine tickets because there were like, no lie, 50 or more wine booths. We’re thinking, “it would sure be great if we could use our beer tickets for wine!” When we found the girls, we found out that YES! you CAN use the beer tickets for wine! That’s what i’m talkin’ about! I have to confess something else though – I don’t have a group pic on my phone because someone else took it on their phone. I’m still trying to remember to take more pics of everything for my little blog…but this one’s fab of Rach, Chandra, and I! (Fun fact: Rach and I hadn’t seen each other in a while and I had text her that morning to see what she was wearing. She said either a cute dress or shorts and a cute top. Sweet – she speaks my thought language. When I showed up at her house, we both had on white shorts, black tank tops, and green toenail polish. Now, I already have a twin from anotha motha, but I wonder if we were triplets?! Idk…)

IMG953616Disclaimer: I do not get drunk. I can probably count on 1 hand the times I drank that much. I just hate it. I hate that feeling. After this wine festival though, I think I moved to the 2nd hand…The girls were leaving at 6 to go to dinner, but Rachel and I weren’t going to dinner, so we did the smart thing: we called her hubby to come get us. Since we still had some tickets left, and the rest of the girls had tickets left, we figured we would try to use them up while we waited for the taxi limo our ride. Needless to say, by the time I went to get out of the truck at my house, I felt it. I think I was asleep, in bed by 7:30. And up and wide awake at 1:22 am. And still awake. It’s 3:20 am. It’s gonna be a looooong day…But HAPPY 5th ANNIVERSARY to my Boyzzzz!!  #HUG!

photo (3)

Peace out home dawgs! What are ya’ll doin’ today?? Any workout plans or is this your lazy Sunday?


2 thoughts on “Confessions.

  1. Yeyyy!!! You got some Brooks!! I LOVE the arch support…its exactly what led me to buying them in the first place 🙂 How have they felt on your long runs?

    And…Happy Anniversary!!! yeyy for 5 years 😉


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