Sweat off those bad hair days

Lately I’ve been having such bad hair days that I can’t wait to get the gym or put on my running shoes so that I can throw my rats nest in a pony tail and go sweat! Ever have those days or is it just me?! My hair is in that “in between” stage right now so it’s driving me up a wall and I started back on prenatal pills just to get it to grow again. (This coming from the girl who chopped her long hair off in 5th grade, couldn’t get it to grow long again until she was past 30, lost 35 pounds and chopped it off again. And now, a year later, she wants it long again…)  I know, I know, so indecisive! In all honesty though, I loved my hair short, but let’s get real here – it makes working out difficult. Why? Because it wouldn’t fit in a pony tail and my hair is too thin for bobby pins to stay in while i’m jumping around. So I need it to be “workout ready/appropriate” ya know what i’m sayin’? It can fit in a pony tail finally, but it doesn’t look good down anymore…ahhhh what’s a girl to do?! Such a hard life.

Made it to spinning tonight. Yay! I love spinning. It’s a great workout if you want/need to workout, but you don’t feel like standing up or being strong – even though once you start going, you turn into a mad woman. I’m finally starting to feel better too. Probably because I’ve taken about 10,000 mg of Vitamin C today, drank a Bolthouse Farms Vitamin C boost smoothie, and ate soup for lunch. I need to get better ASAP because i’m off next week and I’ll be spending the week with my fam in PA!

I forgot how much I love this little morning snack that consists of vanilla Greek yogurt, fruit, and Kashi cereal. When I was in Trader Joe’s last night – to just run in “really quick” for tomatoes – I saw they had their champagne grapes in!  I discovered these last year through a guy I work with and when I was buying them last year, they told me that they are only in season for a short, short time. So I bought 3 cartons of them and took up some of The Hus’ precious freezer space. Aren’t they so cute?! They are about pea size.

photo (9)


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