The beat goes on.

Let’s talk music. That pump-you-up-make-you-wanna-run-like-a-Kenyan kinda music. I haven’t been running with music all that much, but I always like to keep my “workout playlist” rotating so that I don’t get sick of my music during a run – when I actually really need it. You can judge my favorites right now, it’s cool & we can still be friends, but hey, it gets me moving and that’s all that matters right?

  • Step by Step – Whitney Houston
  • Thriller – Michael Jackson
  • Woman’s World – Cher
  • Hall of Fame – The Script
  • Hip-Hop Violin Right Round – Lindsay Stirling
  • RIght There – Nicole Scherzinger

1. Lindsay Stirling ROCKS! And pretty much all of her music makes you wanna just GO! And 2. ‘Hall of Fame’ makes me feel like I’m training for the Olympics and I really need to give it my all.

So I will admit that I get quite a bit of my music from the spinning playlists because they are always really good. So my top songs right now will probably be changing within a week once last nights spin playlist is posted…just sayin’. But this is how spinning music makes me feel:


So what’s on your playlist??


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