Excited about running toys!

You’ll be happy to know that I’m finally starting to feel better and feel as if I’ve got my strength back. Hallelujah! Still coughing enough to give me a six-pack, but at least the achy, weakness has left this body! And just in time for the hardest workout of the week – no limits circuit. It was just as good tonight as it is every Thursday night. Tonight he had us use a bench, a heavy weight, and a stability ball – and of course a mat for those dreaded push-ups if you can’t do all 3 rounds like a man! After tonight, I can tell that just about every part of my body will be sore tomorrow – and even sorer on Saturday because that is really when it hits. Hence coming home and scheduling a sports massage for Saturday afternoon – after my morning workout of course! 😉 I’m hoping I can finish that 14 miler this weekend that I tried to do last weekend…we shall see. But I’m gonna try gosh darn it!

Need a different, GOOD ab exercise? We did this tonight and my abs are already hurting. You roll the ball out so that you are in a plank position, then back in so that you are in a pike position. (Or in my case, your knees were kinda crunched up in your stomach.)


(The above picture is not me by the way. I know you might’ve thought it was because of her great abs, but mine are not that great – yet! It is from pinterest and she is definitely in a place that I would like to be.)

Another thing that you’ll be happy to know I finally did…I finally ordered my Nike shoe pod holder so that I can make sure to have signal on my watch even when it’s dreary! Took me long enough.

photo (10)

Ok, SO. Speaking of my Nike watch, my memory is full – 83 runs on that bad boy. All random dates because some of my runs are on my phone app and some are on my watch…Anyhow, I’m trying to delete old runs and good lord is it slow and time-consuming deleting these runs! Do you really have to delete them ONE. AT. A. TIME?!?! SOMEBODY give me some better news here so that I can be done with this and get some sleep tonight! It is one of those things that will drive me up a wall until all the runs I want deleted, are deleted. It’s just how I roll. Some things I just can’t start and then leave it unfinished or else I think about it until I can finish it. Say what you will, i’ll never change! (Famous last words eh?)

Anyone wear compression socks for performance or recovery?? I just ordered my first pair tonight (maybe ordering them wasn’t the best idea I’ve had, but what’s done is done…), so I can’t wait to try them out! They are performance knee socks by 2Xu and the best part about them? THEY ARE FERN GREEN! Oh ya! P.S. My favorite color is green, but most of them just come in lime green – which I do like, but the FERN green is da bomb! I’ll let ya know how my first long run with them goes. And you let me know your thoughts about them! I’m thinking already I should get a recovery pair too, but I need to do some more research to figure out what the difference is between the performance and recovery ones…

P.S. This will be me on Saturday. Think they will put flowers around my head too?!



6 thoughts on “Excited about running toys!

  1. Funny how on the beach the last thing I ever feel like doing are ab exercises… I’ve tried (neon pink) compression sleeves–I don’t know how much of an effect they actually had but I do know they made me look incredibly stylish when I wore them in public with shorts on.


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