14 miles. Where’s my car key?!

After a night of practically no sleep last night, I managed to “wake up” about 8. I did have a lazy night last night which consisted of laying in bed watching TV and eating carbs, so I’m certain that helped. My kid Roxy was just as lazy with me.

photo (11)

My pre-run breakfast was 16 ounces of water and a Morningstar Farms sausage, egg & cheese biscuit.

photo (13)

I dunno about you, and maybe this is a little TMI, but I like to make sure I go to the bathroom at least twice before a long run. I’m not a big fan of taking medications & pills (that’s a whole nother (yes, that’s a word. duh.)  post, but I just think that with all of the side effects they do more harm than good…and I think most issues can be resolved with the right foods and exercise), but my friend, Rachel mentioned that she takes Immodium before a run, so I allowed an exception to my rule. I figured it was worth it. Then I have 0 worrying while i’m running. I really only take 1 if i’m going on a run that is 10 miles or more. So after my b-fast and bathroom ritual, I was off. I took my water bottle filled with water, but I took a Nuun tab just in case. Plus I took a packet of Honey Stinger gummies. After a sip of water around mile 6, I was glad I took a Nuun tab because I used it. I just went back and forth with the gummies and sips of water/Nuun. There were so many people out this morning! I love that! I made sure to take it slow starting out and by mile 3 I knew I had 11 more miles in me – slow, but I knew I could do it.

So I had put my car key in the pocket of my water bottle – usually I lace it through my shoelace if I don’t have a pocket in my shorts/skirt, but I didn’t have a pocket, and I dunno why I didn’t lace it through my shoe, but I didn’t. Get done and go to get my key and it’s not there! What the…?!?! It must’ve gotten pulled out when I grabbed my gummies…somewhere between mile 6 and 6.5. Lovely. And The Hus was on his way to take the kids home. Three hours away. Waited for a tow truck – which was there within 10 minutes and they had told me 45! AWESOME! – so he broke into my car so I could get the rest of my keys and my purse, and then he took me home. What I was really worried about, was missing my massage at 2:30! I totally have my priorities straight! 😉 But he was there so fast that it ended up not even being a concern.

Now, normally, I would have a little temper tantrum over these kinds of things, but I think since these kinds of issues have become the “norm” for me, I’ve gotten better at handling them and not getting too bent out of shape. I mean, at the point I was at, what else was I gonna do?! (I still admit this doesn’t happen every time, but certain situations.) Progress.


Got home, got a shower, and thankfully the massage place is right across the street, so I could walk there. Ahhhhh…I feel so relaxed and like jello right now. I’m drinking the water they gave me, and already downed the chocolate pb cookie they gave me too! Sorry, forget to take a pic…ate it too fast to think picture for blog… 😦

This was my run today:

photo (12)

And in between my shower and massage, this was my lunch:

photo (14)

(Morningstar Farms was obviously the IN thing today…)

Now I’m continuing my lazy streak and thinking about taking a nap til The Hus gets home! ‘Cuz i’m hoping to bribe him into going downtown for the Food Truck festival tonight… 😉

So how’s your weekend so far? Any workouts? Plans?


3 thoughts on “14 miles. Where’s my car key?!

  1. Oh man I am so sorry to hear about the key debacle!!! If it’s any consolation I have lost 6 cell phones! Yes, 6! So far so good this year but I suppose the year isn’t over and knowing my luck…

    Take pics at the food truck fest! I am going to one in Toronto in September. Love me a good food truck…the guy at Kimchi Taco Truck in NYC knew me cause I went so frequently!


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