Vacation, pleeeeeease don’t ever leave me!!!!

No workouts to tell ya about for today because I was driving to PA to my aunt’s house, but lemme just tell ya – I had the BEST “rest” day yesterday after my long run and massage on Saturday! I plan on getting in a few miles tomorrow morning before we all head out to the county fair. I love vacay.


In other news, since I didn’t get to leave until today because of the “car key situation”, the mail came before I left! And guess what was in it? I mean, besides  bills…my GREEN compression socks! Boo-ya! So lemme back up a sec…I need to retract my statement where I said I didn’t workout today. Putting these socks on was a workout and I even broke a sweat. Ok, maybe I’m exaggerating a lot little, but it definitely wasn’t like putting on my running socks…But I still love them already! And who doesn’t like Kermit?!

photo (20) photo (19)

So when I got to PA, my mom, sis, nephew – V – and I went over to visit my other g-parents. This isn’t a “today” pic, but it’s from Christmas, so close enough…and it’s just so that you can put a face with who i’m talkin’ about.

14498_4382945730650_2053816920_n 302787_4382941170536_1278676972_n

Then we went to my most faaaaaaaaavoritest ice cream place EVA – Yorkies! Again, this isn’t from today, but from a couple months ago…we ate so fast today that there wasn’t any time to have a photo op. The mom and sis had to get on the road to head back home. But the chili dog and white lightening ice cream (dark chocolate with mint & fudge swirls) is what I had today and how I look in this picture, is how I felt again today. Overwhelmed with giddiness.


I did get one pic of V putting smarties on his cotton candy ice cream cone…

photo (18)

This is with my cousins – minus 2 cousins – and our Nana. Yeppers, 7 GIRL grandchildren. My parents and aunt and uncle were blessed. 😉 My sis is the tall one in the plaid shirt and the other 3 are sisters. I love these girls – including the 2 that are MIA – I just hate that we’re all so far apart now living in states nowhere near each other. 😦 I really believe that we all should move to Texas and bombard our Nana. (Maybe I should clarify…2 of them are not really just MIA for the pic, the one is off at college and the other one lives in Cali.)

photo (15)

Well, that’s my day 1 of vacay and now I’m off to pray that my week goes slooooooooooow!

Do you have any upcoming vacations planned? With or without family?


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