I’m not 16 anymore. :(

Sorry I’ve kinda abandoned by blog peeps. 😦 The fam has been keeping us very busy – the county fair on Tuesday and an amusement park on Wednesday. Needless to say, I’ve taken full advantage of having a “splurge” week as far as eating…ya know, a vacation away from a healthy lifestyle…Although I did get in a 3 mile run Tuesday morning. 29:29. This was my view while running.

photo (21) photo (23)


And this was my view afterwards doing push-ups and planks on the deck.

photo (22)

After we got home from the fair, my aunt had all of the stuff for chocolate martini’s. I like martini’s, but have never had a chocolate one! I think these will become a good “chocolate fix” treat…

Growing up, whenever my mom – and other moms – would take us kids to an amusement park, they could never ride rides because they claimed it would make them “sick”…I just always thought that was a lie and they just thought they had to act all “grown-up” and riding rides was for kids. Well, now that I’m older I understand. I didn’t get sick sick, but I definitely had some nauseous feelings after a couple rides. And once we decided we were done, I was glad, because I knew if we kept riding more, then I would get sick. I guess those moms weren’t exaggerating…

Since I didn’t run Wednesday or today (and I probably won’t run later because I will probably be leaving to go home this afternoon), I figured all of the walking we did Tuesday and Wednesday will add up to something. Right?!

So how’s your week so far? (Now that it’s almost over…) Any good workouts or new foods I should know about??


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