Hypnotized by a neon sign

Made it home late last night. Stayed up until probably 2:00 though talkin’ and catchin’ up with The Hus. I had this little surprise waiting on my table when I got home!

IMG_0590 IMG_0589

My first Bestowed box! I’ll admit though, a few of the products – like the seaweed and the noodles – scare me. Why do the noodles and seaweed scare me? I have no clue! But I know that I don’t like seaweed – no matter what flavor it is! But I’m excited to try the rice vinegar and the rice chips and the granola bar and the tea!

I also had this in mail – my Lifetime gym magazine. I love this magazine!


PLUS!!! My sister had spent last weekend In Denver for a Chipotle festival and brought me back an Izze bag! Oooo ya! The sis and I got each other’s backs when it comes to bags. We know that if we find a bag, we must but 2-3 for ourselves, our sister, and our mom. I love it because it folds flat and fits perfect in my purse.


This morning I ran some errands (aka “shopping” as Philco puts it). After I got home, all my energy disappeared within the blink of an eye. No joke. I laid down on the couch and I think I slept for an hour and a half – 2 hours…I woke up to the mail lady pounding on the screen door. (All of the windows and doors are open because our A/C is broken and they can’t come look at it until Monday. I dunno how I’m not dripping with sweat right now because it was 82 today, but it’s staying fairly cool up in this pad. Thank ya Jesus!)

I got my mom to go to the park with me tonight about 5:30. It’s a 4 mile trail and she walks it while I run. Then when I’m done I back track to meet her and then finish walking with her. Since my “key tragedy” last weekend, I totally remembered to lace my key in my shoes!

IMG_0596[1] IMG_0598

After our run/walk, we ran to Earth Fare – it’s a mix between Trader Joes and Whole Foods. When we left there, the hot light was on at Krispy Kreme. Not good. I dunno why, but I was craving a donut and that hot light must’ve hypnotized me with it’s neon-ness and hot-ness, because the next thing I knew, we were inside with a hot donut in our hands and getting 1/2 a dozen more to take home. No, I did not keep them all even though I wanted to – we split them. The one on top is a new one – dark chocolate caramel kreme. Oh yes. I totally took a couple bites of that one when we got home. Love at first bite! I’m going to have to avoid passing by Krispy Kreme for a while – ya know, to give me time to forget how good they are…


So what are your weekend plans? Did my donut picture make you start craving a donut??? Don’t lie now…we all know I’ll be the last person to judge! 😉


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