It’s all about balance.

Back to the ‘ole grind I went today. I’m still crying about it. The gym after work always makes up for work though, so that’s a plus. And tonight was the first night of Insanity taught by my fave I’m a sweater, but holy sweat tonight! It was good! It’s going to be a nice change to my workout routine for sure. We were all a little scared in the beginning because Alexander is insane even before you put him in charge of teaching an “insanity” class, but once it was over and we realized we were still alive and could still walk, it hit us that it was  fun! But at the beginning, when the “warm-up” started out as if you were 15 minutes into class and in the middle of the cardio-get-your-heartrate-up part, my mom and the girl next to us exchanged looks that said, “this is going to be bad if we’re all puking in 5 minutes, but at least we’re all in this together”!  At least there was a trash can in the room. At the front of the room. For everyone to watch you… It’s typically a 60 minute class, but ends up only being 50 minutes – which is fab considering it’s, well, INSANITY! It’s still longer than Shaun T’s Insanity videos though. But we’re survivors. And it’s so much more fun working out with a group. Like, this much fun…


Came home and balanced out my workout with this little number.


(In case you started judging me, I did not eat the whole thing! I did share it with The Hus since he was the one who bought it…)

In other Monday/blah news, it’s now time for ‘ole Philco’s weekly manicure.

Have you ever tried the Insanity workouts?? What did you think of them?



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