My failed attempts.

So last night leaving the gym I had decided that instead of going to the park and running today after work,  I was just going to go straight to the gym and hit the dreaded ‘mill. Why would I do that when it’s still nice outside and here in a few months I won’t be able to run outside all of the time?? Here’s why: because we are still without A/C in our condo during the hottest week of the summer. So I figured once I got home from work, the tropical heatwave would sap my energy and I wouldn’t run. So if I just drove straight to the gym, got in the A/C, I’d be cool (cool cool, not cool as in temperature-wise…).

So I packed my bag this morning so I didn’t have to stop home. My mom was even going to go with me. Only, I got out of work late because of a meeting and was in desperate need of a nap. (You know it’s bad when you live less than a mile from work, but manage to fall asleep at all 6 lights on the way home.) So I came home to just,”take a little 15 minute nap”, and lo and behold I woke up an hour later. And not refreshed whatsoever. I seriously could have stayed in bed, sleeping, for the rest of the night. I text my mom to tell her I was too exhausted to run and her reply was this:


I dunno what my problem is lately, but I NEED SOME ENERGY!!! Please tell me that i’m not the only one who has these phases every so often where you are so exhausted that you hardly have energy to lift the spoon to feed your face?? And that’s saying something because I like to eat! This is totally me lately…


I’m in one of those phases where I need to be in a class so that someone is  yelling at telling me to push it and stop standing around because you didn’t walk into this class to do nothing. Eh, you do what you can at times like these right? This is why I’m excited that the run club at the gym should be coming back full force by October, led by one of the spinning drill sergeants instructors who is really good – and motivating. I’ve been wanting to join a run club, so being its at my gym, I’m more likely to join it.

Tonight’s dinner was 3 cheese grilled cheese and tomato soup. It hit the spot so good. I used Colby, muenster, and NY white extra sharp cheddar cheeses. And we tried this tomato soup from Pacific – it was good, but needed some extra spices/kick.

2013-08-28 20.42.14 IMG_0622

Now I just need some type of chocolate…what the heck kind of house is this that doesn’t have chocolate in it?! Seriously?! I might be baking in a little bit…if I can’t bribe Philco to walk over to Kroger to get some type of chocolate…the things we do for chocolate…


P.S. My bribery skills worked!

IMG_0629 IMG_0624


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