Hallelujah for long holiday weekends!

Yaaaaaaay for 3 day weekends! <insert happy dance  with fist pump> Seems it’s becoming a trend for me talking about how much I love weekends. But after working weekends for so long, you really look forward to weekends when you don’t have to work!


Let’s back this thing up a day to Thursday. It was no limits circuit – favorite class of the week! Although in a few weeks, it’s going to change to strictly strength. 😦 But at least the same guy is teaching it! 🙂 You just never know what your walking into. Last night, it was jump-roping. Yup. We jump-roped for what felt like 5 minutes in between every set of exercises we did. And there was kind of a lot of push-ups. Push-ups are the devil in my opinion, but I suppose they do get the job done. My arms are sore today. And my calves. I was trying to take it easy on the jump-rope…until I got called out that I looked like I was back in elementary school just be-bopping around singing songs. So of course I had to try to step it up. Good workout as usual.

Tonight my mom and I went to the park about 7:30 – once it cooled down to about 88 degrees from 92. I ran 5.4 miles while she walked 4. What made me sad though, was that it was DARK BEFORE I FINISHED!!! Can I just vent for a second about how I don’t like the time change? Why do we need to do this dreaded time change still??? WHY???? It’s so depressing. K. Done. Well, after this pic of me being sad that it was so dark while I was running in the woods that I had to take off my sunglasses…THUMBS DOWN to daylight savings!



It’s my Boyzzz’ birthday today, so I’ve been trying all day to get out of him what he wanted for b-day dinner and dessert. I got nothin’. My mom, The Hus, and I walked over to Kroger after the park and we ended up having CPK spinach and garlic pizza. And the shocker? He didn’t even want chocolate! I don’t know if he’s depressed because he turned 33 and is closer to my age now or what, but my Boyzzz pretty much always wants chocolate! I did take him out to “our bar & grill” last night for dinner though, so at least I feel like I did something for him. I’m gonna get him some new ear buds though because he wants some like mine for when he goes to the park. That’s all he asked for.  Dang it, I’m gonna have to go into Dicks tomorrow…that’s too bad. One present for him…2 presents for me…isn’t that how it works for you too? Or is that just me???

Here’s a pic finally of my fabulous lunches this week…

IMG_0631 IMG_0632


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