Time to bust out all things fall and pumpkin! And 2 good runs.

YAAAY for fall and red, orange, and yellow crunchy leaves and pumpkin everything! I don’t think I’m the only one that wishes fall lasted 6-9 months of the year and the other 3-6 months could be summer. But if I am, well you can all relax because my wishes will probably never come true. At least in Ohio. Unless God wants to prove me wrong. In which case, sorry to all you people who don’t wish the same seasons as me!


So my workout on Sunday – a 5 mile run at Sharon Woods while my mom walked. I felt powerful during this run – 2nd wind or something I guess.


Or maybe it was the crowd along the way cheering calling me on.



Today, I didn’t labor in work, but I did run. And I feel good about that. I went to Olentangy trail and put in 7 miles. It was around 2:30/3:00, so it was pretty humid. When I was done, I needed water NOW, so I walked over to the water fountain to get a drink so I could make it back to my car to guzzle my whole water bottle. A girl that I had passed twice, was just hanging out at the water fountain too – filling her water bottle for the 3rd time and saying how humid it was. I agreed completely with her, and threw in a positive encouragement, “hey, at least we did it! Good job!” I felt good on today’s run too though.


My running playlist from yesterday and today that was set on repeat and kept me motivated.


Now I’m drinking tea, getting ready to sleep in my compression socks, and enjoying the A/C. 😉 (And dreaming about the first pumpkin dessert I’m going to bake this week!)


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