Causing The Hus more gray hair.

Never a dull moment ’round here I tell ya! Yesterday, Philco and I were supposed to go back to work finally. I was ready to get outta the house and back into society. I had gone to the OB on Tuesday and got a lot of questions answered. She had said I wasn’t outta the woods for the tube bursting, but since my hormone levels were dropping and I wasn’t in any major pain, she wasn’t worried. She had said if my levels didn’t drop on the 13th, then she would order another ultrasound. (i had asked for another ultrasound to make sure it was dissolving because I had read too many blog stories over the weekend where women had the methotrexate shot and their levels went down, but the fetus wasn’t dissolving and their tubes still ruptured.  Prob not a good idea reading that…) Anyway, the Dr. was really nice about all my questions and gave me some peace of mind. However, as soon as she said my chances for this happening again were very high, my fear level skyrocketed. She said if this happened in my left tube again, then they would remove it. I just thought, I don’t want to go through this again! More stress, more pain, more waiting…

Come Wednesday morning, after I made my lunch and started heading upstairs to get ready, I started having major pain! I made it upstairs and just laid in bed again. Passed out – of course, I have to always make sure Philco is on his toes. When I woke back up I told him we needed to go to the ER. I knew the tube had burst. As we were walking to the car though, I got light-headed again and had to lay down in the grass. Phil had to call an ambulance because I couldn’t make it to the car. I’m glad we called an ambulance because they said the ER had a 5 hour wait. BUT, since The Hus works at the hospital and everyone recognized him – in bummy clothes and all – things got sped up faster and random doctors were stopping in, giving Phil and my mom snacks and free food cards for the bistro, and asking how I was doing.

After some more tests, passing out again, and getting some morphine for the pain, they took me into surgery. I’ve never broken anything, had surgery, or been on pain meds or “knocked out” – besides just passing out. 😉 Previously, just the thought of surgery made me pass out, but yesterday, I was kinda relieved and just “at peace”. I was relieved that the tube would come out and I wouldn’t have to worry about this happening on my left side again, and I thought, people have surgery everyday. I’m going to be asleep and this has to get done, so there is no other option than just accept it. The anesthesiologist was THE. BEST. He was just talkin’ away to me the whole time to distract me. We talked about running and how I love fall. He saw me praying at one point and asked if I was scared. I said “ya kinda” and he said he already prayed for me and I’d be fine. Said he was in my military for 12 years and never left a man behind. I did find out that my left tube was pretty damaged, but my right tube is fine and both ovaries are fine – thank you Jesus, still a chance! They said I must have a really high tolerance of pain, because for all the blood in my abdomen, I should have been in a lot more pain than I was.

I was able to come home last night around 9. I slept in the recliner so it was easier to get up and Phil slept right next to me watching me “like a hawk”. On my discharge papers, they said no lifting or straining until the doctor says it’s ok; but nothing about running, so I figure I can do the 2 half-marathons in October that I wanted to do… 😉 I got a dirty look from Philco when I asked.

So here I am, couch/home bound again for a couple weeks. With my fur kid…


I hope there are some good movies on Netflix. Although I do have 2 shelves of books that I haven’t read yet…


6 thoughts on “Causing The Hus more gray hair.

  1. You are very brave for sharing! You’ve been taking such good care of yourself I am sure you will bounce back quickly. Good luck with your healing and enjoy those books!


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