Another day in paradise

Nothing like starting a running blog and within a month it turns into deep, serious posts about pregnancy/fertility issues eh? Sorry ’bout that. Soon enough I’ll be back to posting about running, losing keys, dying through insanity workouts, and running clothes…Obviously my body is not feeling like running or working out, but man oh man am I getting antsy in this house!

I had a moment of silence with my workout shoes this morning.



And I can’t express enough how much I love these 2 things while I’m stuck at home.

IMG_0729 IMG_0720


Maybe I should have surgery more often…?







I can’t lie though, I do have to admit that I get spoiled all the time…

And this kid is pretty spoiled too. (I think she’s enjoying me being home with her all day…)



Such excitement for today huh?? Besides reading, pinterest-ing, and ebay-ing (behind my hubby’s back), I have to admit that even though I’m ready to get outta this house, I’m glad I’m not at WORK! 😉




2 thoughts on “Another day in paradise

  1. Gotta look on the bright side right??? I can’t even imagine how hard this situation must be for you but truly the only way to pull yourself out of it is the see the silver lining…and let me tell you, that epic shoe collection is one serious silver lining!!!


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