More of the same.

Ya, still nothing more than food to talk about in my little world that is revolving around the couch, kitchen, and bathroom right now…Oh, and books, eBay, and Pinterest. Ebay is starting to cost me more too. Last night I pleaded with Boyzzz to run to Kroger and get me some ice cream (I figure since working out isn’t an option right now, i’m giving up the healthy eating too. Plus, not too much even sounds/tastes good still…). Anyway, I told him he could grab $10 outta my purse for ice cream and he said ok. THEN, as he was getting ready to walk out the door, my eBay notification alert went off on my phone. THEN, HIS eBay notification alert went off on HIS phone (as he was plugging it in to charge). Needless to say I got “the look” and had to scramble for a distraction. I just blurted out, “You can just grab a $20 outta my purse if ya want!” Ya. That happened. What can I say, I have too much time on my hands and if I can’t workout I must buy workout CLOTHES!




My $20 ice cream.



Catching up on this made it all worth it…Someday we will have a Harley and be SOA’s.




Had some more pumpkin in my life over the weekend with pumpkin french toast for b-fast!





More flowers.



And more zucchini. Dark chocolate zucchini brownies. Boyzzz said these were the best brownies ever! I’ll post the recipe later.



My mom ran to Kroger last night and grabbed us a roast. We had potatoes and carrots and an onion already and Boyzzz has been wanting roast, so this way I was able to throw it in a crock pot this morning and know that HE’S taken care of now! ๐Ÿ˜‰



4 thoughts on “More of the same.

  1. That ice cream. Yum. After we had our miscarriage, I said I wanted to chop my hair off, pierce my cartilage, wear black nail polish all the time, start smoking, or run a half marathon. Good thing I went with the half marathon.

    So it looks like you’re in good shape!! Keep your positive attitude and know lots of blogging friends are praying for you!


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