We all have our own ways of therapy.

Right now, this weekend, my form of therapy is nephew time, wine, and eating. And eating isn’t a good thing when you aren’t running it off. :/ This is a whole lotta pictures from this weekend, but since this is all I have these days, your gonna have to deal. K? K.

#1. 15 bean soup with gimme lean sausage. SO YUM! And who doesn’t need extra fiber in their life?!


#2, Wine plates! Yup. My mom and I have been searching for these for months. I actually forgot we were looking for them until she saw them in Pier 1. After our wine night at Whole Foods, I think Pier 1 is going to get a lot of “wine plate sales”.

IMG_0763 IMG_0764

#3. I’m ready for the upcoming week! Found all these books on clearance and got 1 free even!


#4. Obsession with bags fulfilled at Whole Foods.


#5. How can you have a weekend with The Nephew without nerf guns?! (And target The Aunt/Wife of course.)

IMG_0772 IMG_0769

(As I was getting shot at, I hoarded them of course.)



#6. Watching Despicable Me 1. This is my new favorite movie.


#7. Pumpkin cheesecake. And then pumpkin cheesecake after we all tried it and decided nuts on top would be even better.



#8. Presents from The Sis and nephew. (Therapy of course.)

IMG_0794 IMG_0795

#9. V’s drawing/art of Roxy. Playing with a ball of yarn. I think he’s going to be a famous artist when he grows up.


#10. Making pillow forts and fighting bad guys.


And that’s all she wrote folks! What’s been on your agenda this weekend?? Are you enjoying all the pumpkin-y goodness during this fall season? I forgot to take pictures of the pumpkin pop tarts and pecan pumpkin oatmeal that I found at Trader Joes today! Just imagine the pumpkin-y goodness in them both…


2 thoughts on “We all have our own ways of therapy.

    • Ugh, stupid injuries! I’ll be prayin’ for a speedy recovery for ya! I agree, baking, eating, and nieces/nephews is THE best therapy ever! And really, if I think about the laughter that The Nephew brings, it’s prob a pretty good cardio workout! 😉


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