Doctor’s appointment, running motivation, and…

So. Had the ole’ follow-up doctors appointment today. It went well. She said my incisions were healing nicely and it’s normal for it to still feel tender. My stomach has went from black to blue to purple to brown to yellow. Philco said that is normal and that he would know because he’s been in lots of fights. Lovely. I hope he won…?

After she asked how I was really doing, and I burst into tears, she said it wouldn’t hurt to take another week off – which Boyzzz was trying to get me to do, but I never take time off work like this, so I feel like I’m taking advantage of it like everyone else does…And then I think maybe it would just be better to go back to work and it would help me forget about it all. I thought I was doing ok not thinking about it, but the last few days I’ve been a train wreck all over again. :/ So I dunno…

She said as far as exercising though, it’s ok to start being active, but to start out slooooow…like just walking. Ugh, I hate walking! I’m thinking spinning would be ok though because I can just sit there and I won’t have that pounding/jumping going on. And lets be real, you can make spinning be as easy as you want it to be…


Now, on to the real important things – pumpkin. You didn’t think I would actually have a post without anything pumpkin did you?! Since The Sis was here over the weekend, and she’s just as much a pumpkin lover as I am, we pretty much bought every pumpkin thing at Trader Joe’s we could find, and tried it while she was here. This is what sisters are for.






Ya know, I really think Trader Joe’s should be paying me at this point instead of me paying them! I mean, really. My posts are like billboards for them…If it wasn’t for all my Trader Joe’s advertising, they probably wouldn’t even be in business! 😉

I was reading the other day (yesterday, actually…) and she mentioned the movie ‘The Spirit of the Marathon’. Since I was having a little running pity party last night, I found it on Netflix and watched it. And bawled. Then I watched ‘Run for your Life’. And bawled. Then I watched ‘My Run’. And bawled. Yes, I was up until the wee hours of the morning. Poor PS2. I think he realizes how much running and working out helps to keep me sane because in the middle of watching one of the movies, and bawling my eyes out, he said he hopes the doctor gives the o-k for me to start running again. Thank the Good Lord for an understanding hubby. Now I have a list of more running movies that I want to watch, but they aren’t on Netflix so I have to go hunt them down!

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Have you watched any of these movies?? Or any other running movies?

Are you a pumpkin addict every fall like me?


8 thoughts on “Doctor’s appointment, running motivation, and…

  1. FYI, I don’t share your passion for running,lol and I actually LOVE to walk. Well, walking at a brisk pace. Guess we are opposites with that. Anyhow, I recently started adding some running to my walks and I STILL don’t like running. Just adding it to burn more calories and get my heart rate up. I too LOVE pumpkin. We don’t have a Trader Joes anywhere near where we live so I am not familiar with the pumpkin products you shared. They looked yummy though. I LOVE Fall and I think pumpkin just makes me feel like its Fall and stirs up fallish feelings in me! Its good to hear you are healing well physically. Getting back to your normal routine will be good for you emotionally. Even if its just WALKING and not running, it will feel good to you to be allowed to start moving again. I know when I had my back surgery I couldn’t wait to just be able to walk around. 3 days after surgery and while I was still in the hospital I couldn’t stand to be in the hospital bed anymore so I got the ok to get up and walk in the halls. That is what kept me from going stir crazy. I just walked and walked and hard as it was, I had to listen to my body when it said “ok, that is enough for now”. Just make sure you listen to what your body is telling you and start slowly. I know, not what you want to hear 🙂 You will be back to running marathons in no time 🙂


    • Lol at least your getting out there and being active! Do what you love and if walking is it, and it’s working, no need to force yourself into something you don’t enjoy. I know, i’m trying to just be thankful that I can at least walk and do SOMETHING active!


  2. Yes Nikki I love pumpkin! And Fall. Just this week I have been to 3 different plaves looking for pumpkin spice cappachino (sp). No one has it!! Still looking though. Glad tou appt went well, hope you’re doing the same. Love ya!


  3. Whoa! Just a bit of pumpkin! I like pumpkin but I think you have me beat! I do love pumpkin bread though. Yum.

    I think you’re being smart about getting active again. Start slow and try to enjoy the movement instead of getting frustrated that you’re not back to the old routine. My husband gets the running requirement too. Last night, I was such a grump and he asked ‘Isn’t there a running group you can go to tonight?’ I think it was a hint :). But it worked!

    As an aside, I went back to work too soon after our miscarriage and regret it. Yes, I needed to get out of the house but work wasn’t the place for me and instead, I just scared people by crying A LOT. Take the time if you can spare it and be kind to yourself.

    Thinking (and praying!!) for you.
    ❤ K


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