I’m never going back to work.

I’m really kinda liking this whole “stay-at-home” thing I’ve got going on. I mean, who says you can only be a stay-at-home-mom?! Why can’t I just be a stay-at-home-wife?! Oh, I guess that would make me a ‘Housewife of Columbus’ huh? Fine by me! I’ll gladly start taking a shower and changing out of my pj’s before 3:00. P.M.!

I love the mornings just sitting on the couch curled up with a blanket, coffee, and books.


With my kid sitting in the screen door waiting for Squirrely and Birdies to come by and have a little morning chat/play date…



Unless she’s taking after her mother…



This morning I included a form of laughter into my morning routine because…





My medicine includes:




I didn’t really even bad about watching Modern Family’s first episode this season without Philco, but I just felt like I still needed to apologize…




OH! Speaking of pumpkin…The Sis left me one of these pumpkin bars to try…From Trader Joe’s of course. They.Are.YUM!



Even though the days of the week mean nothing to me right now, and I really don’t even know what day it is half the time. Or what DATE it even is…I have things to look forward to tomorrow – I’M GOING TO SPINNING TOMORROW AT 8:30!!! And yes, I just yelled that out at ya’ll because I’m SO. FREAKIN’. EXCITED! THEN, Saturday evening is Girls Wine Night at my friend, Chandra’s pad. So i’m trying to decide which pumpkin recipe to bake-n-take for that.

I did go to the park last night with PS2 for a 1 mile walk. It was ok. I mean, I was ok, but I didn’t enjoy walking. But it was a nice night. I did a couple little jogs to see how I would feel. I felt ok, but my one incision was/is a little sore. :/ I think spinning will be a better option.

Oh, and just a reminder…



Oh MY! The Hus is home for lunch! Which means I need to move to another room so that he doesn’t think I’ve been on the couch since he left for work…And that reminds me – I didn’t marry a millionaire so I guess I DO have to go back to work. Some day. 😉



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