I didn’t make it to spinning today. Or the gym at all for that matter. But it’s no big because something even better happened to me today! I know, your wondering what could be better than spinning or the gym…how ’bout a long lost friend driving 2 hours to visit. AND BRINGING ALL THINGS PUMPKIN FOR LITTLE OLE ME! Ya. That’s WHAT!

All the new pumpkin-y goodness that a friend just knows will help – Sbux pumpkin spice latte, pumpkin cookies, pumpkin cheesecake, pumpkin beer, pumpkin bagels, and pumpkin marshmallows.

IMG_0924 IMG_0925 IMG_0929 IMG_0926


And I made us lunch – enchilada casserole.



After she left, Philco wanted to go walk his mile at the park, so I went with him. I tried running again. Actually, I started running because it was dark and I thought a huge dinosaur was running through the woods to get us, but as I was running, I realized I wasn’t in pain and I just kept running! (Until he yelled at me to slow down and wait for him…) It was bliss and I’m ready to run again!



So, back to my “friend visit”. It was just what my soul needed – to be able to spend an afternoon talking & sharing with a friend who has felt my exact pain/loss. And still feels my pain/loss. It wasn’t about trying to say comforting words, but more about knowing you can share your feelings and emotions – as negative and bitter as they sound – with someone who has felt the same emotions. And you can both cry with and for each other. There really isn’t anything anyone can say to make you feel better. But being able to relate openly, in a not-so-positive/happy situation, with not-so-positive/happy feelings, is one way to soothe the wounded soul.


Now back to happier thoughts because I don’t want to end on all that seriousness/deepness. I’m married to a rabbit. Or popeye? (Yes, I caught him shoving spinach in his mouth. Who does that?!)






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