First run since surgery and cake.

Tuesday I was feelin’ it. After trying a little jog Monday night when Philco and I were doing a mile walk, I was getting antsy by Tuesday. Since The Hus didn’t want me to go to the park alone (for some reason he’s afraid of me passing out or dying or having some random health issue when I’m alone…), so I rallied The Mom to do with me. She walked the 4 miles as usual and I ran. I actually didn’t end up running the whole 4 though…I think I might have come back running the speed I was a month ago, and shortly into the run, I had the good ‘ole “cold lungs” feeling. Since my lungs were feelin’ it, and it was getting dark, I decided to just run 3 miles and then backtrack to meet up with The Mom and walk the rest with her. So that’s what I did!

I ended up running 3.5 (with 2 quick walk breaks), and then walking the last 1/2 mile with her. I felt really good afterwards, but I do feel sore today! I planned on hitting it again today, but after waking up sore, I figured I’d skip today and I’ll hit the pavement again tomorrow. Yay for back to running! This was my run.

photo (3)

Of course I came straight home and made a pumpkin cake with apple cider glaze! Did you expect anything less? I’ll post the recipe later…

photo (5)

Anyone else have to start over with running after a surgery? How slow did you take it coming back??


3 thoughts on “First run since surgery and cake.

  1. Great job on the run, I am so excited you are back at it. I bet it feels good. And thank you for this post. You motivated me to get out of bed and run this morning. Love ya!


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