Back to a routine.

It’s Monday. I went back to work today. I thought going back to work would help because it would keep my mind busy & occupied, but that really wasn’t the case. 😦 As soon as I sat down, my previous manager got in & asked how I was doing. She was actually in the bathroom when I took “the call” from the doctor & hers was the first shoulder I cried on. As soon as she saw the tears coming today, she was like “I’m so sorry! If you need anything I’m here!”

Then I turn on my computer & go to login to one of the systems, and there’s a picture of a baby. Really!?!? That’s a new picture…

Anyway, I made it through the day and knew an Insanity class was needed. I had to take it easy, and leave after 30 minutes (its a 50 minute class) because I was so lightheaded, but it felt good to be back in the gym. I needed that sweat!



(That’s the Heisman in case you’ve never done Insanity and wondered what the heck I was posting a football pic for…)


Now it’s a bean soup kinda night because it’s cold and rainy and FALL! (It’s not really raining, but it feels like it could be…) Oh, and a candy crush kinda night. Why? Because The Hus bought me a tablet over the weekend (thank God for BIL reinforcements on that one!) because my laptop died. And since I was downloading games for The Nephew, I figured I’d just give that ‘ole candy crush a looksy and see what the hype was about. Needless to say, both me and Boyzzz are kinda addicted. :/

candy_crush_saga2 photo


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