Sad panda & great minds think alike

Confession time. Last night while The Hus and I were watching Lost (we just started watching this from season 1…), I decided I needed chocolate. I remembered that the only chocolate we had in the house, was Trader Joe’s chocolate chips & peanut butter chips. (Because Sunday night we decided we had to get back to fruits and salads everyday since I was headed back to work & its been a rough 6 weeks of unhealthy eating!)
However, when I went to the kitchen, both bags were sitting on the counter opened. CAUGHT!!! Great minds think alike though! 😉


And second confession. Well, I guess since I already confessed that boyzzz & I are now addicted to candy crush, it’s not much of a confession at this point, but that’s besides the point…this makes us sad pandas…


And now we keep fighting over my new tablet and who gets to play candy crush. Were stuck here…


K, enough of games. Tonight my mom and I made it to spinning. Found out that our guy is taking boxing back on Wednesday’s so that was a YAY moment! Its on tomorrow at 5:30!! That bag is gonna feel my pain.


So tonight, I noticed toward the end of spinning, that my mom was slowing down. After class, she said she was so worried about me during class that she was all shaky. Haha. Poor mom. I told her I’ve laid down plenty of times during a class, so she didn’t need to worry. I know my limits. I guess that’s just what moms do though…
It was a great class though & I sweat my butt off! I’m still sore from insanity last night so spinning will definitely help by tomorrow!

On another note, you know how much I LOVE naps? Well I do. I. LOVE. Naps. They are like pizza to me. A necessity. But after 4 weeks of 4 naps a day, I figured I should try to make it through a day without a nap. Two days down with no naps & I’m raging with energy! Let’s see if I can make it through the week! Maybe I should make a bet with PS2…


4 thoughts on “Sad panda & great minds think alike

  1. I love naps too! I don’t work Friday afternoons and people always ask me what I do with myself….I take a nap! My favorite time of the week.


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