Make no plans. Use pencil. And carry whiteout.

Soooooooo. Wednesday kick boxing. No go. Haha. I got to the gym & walked in only to find out my mom was sitting in the parking garage with her muffler on the ground. Boo hiss. So after calling the repair guy that PS2 told us to call, and calling a tow truck, we survived the 4.5 hour experience. (The tow truck took forever. But I’m gonna pretend he had a good excuse like rescuing a cat from under a car or something & give a little grace…)

And onto today. Since we had to drive back to the other side of town to pick up her car, in 5:00 traffic, we didn’t get home until 6, so we had to nix the gym or park again. 😦 boo hiss.

So we cooked dinner – fish, rice, broccoli & carrots. I did boyzzzz’ laundry & baked a cake for our neighbors because they helped Philco run down the ambulance that morning I ended up in surgery, & we later found out they are going through the same thing as us right now & they left a card in our door for a support group. This has been one of those experiences that when you find out someone else is going through it too, you cry for them too. And your instantly friends. Like a good neighbor, Gilsons are there…(yes, you sang that right.)

Moving on. I saw this sign on my way home & this is his new name. And I want a street named after me!


Phillipi makes the best veggie soup. No two pots of soup are ever alike but they are all equally yum. Whatever we have in the kitchen, goes in the soup. So last night was a soup & bread kinda night.


And last but not least, coming soon to a blog near you! My first giveaway! I found a lady (in Ohio) that makes necklaces with specialized words – “run”, “yoga”, 13.1″, 26.2″, “namaste”…I bought these necklaces for my race buddy, Rachel, and I when we did our first marathon together this year. And the lady, Karen, said she would have a giveaway on my blog right before Christmas! Yaya! So check her out and you can look forward to that! (Ours both say “run” of course.)



First week back to work is almost done. I survived. And I’m ready for the weekend. On to cook a breakfast casserole for a work party tomorrow. (Although Phillipi cooked the sausage already because he didn’t trust me using his cast iron skillets.)

Sleep hard friends. And run harder! It’s me and the pavement tomorrow after work! (Except I’m not technically making those plans 😉


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