Things that make me clap my hands and squeal like a little girl.

1. Ya know how sometimes when you pull that winter coat out and find money from the year before? Ya me either because I don’t forget where I have money stashed… But anyways. This similar scenario happened to me tonight. Not with money obviously, but CHAPSTICK!! Its as exciting to me as money. I had just bought a peach ChapStick & within 2 days it was MIA. That was 2 months ago. But tonight when I pulled my pen stash outta my purse, my ChapStick was in the pen pocket! YES! I can finally sleep.


2. Here is the necklace Rachel has from Aviron jewelry.


3. It was a beautiful night for a run. I started out fast with my music blasting my ears. Then I realized I wasn’t doing my regular “breathing routine” and so I said heck with breathing this run, I’m just goin hard! It felt good and I felt great at the end. I didn’t finish as fast as I felt I would, but it was a hard cardio run on my heart, so I feel accomplished.



4. I received an email today that I was chosen to be an IDEA fit blogger! Holla! I get discounts, access to articles, conventions, products. And I don’t even know what else but I’m excited.

5. City or country? That is the dilemma in our household. For the last 4 years. Both Phillipi and I grew up in small hick towns. Mine was worse than his because I was an hour from anything. Anything!!! Yes, even Walmart when they started popping up everywhere. (Not that I was missing much because I hate Walmart – sorry Rachel – but still…). So after being in Columbus for 4 years, I love it and never wanna live in the country again. I love the accessibility of having stuff to do. Shopping. Activities. LIFE! Phillipi on the other hand, hates the traffic and people everywhere. I suppose even if we were within 20 minutes of the city, I would survive, but anymore than that would probably send me to a mental hospital. I mean, what did we do when Trader Joes wasn’t 10 minutes away? Or 2 malls within 10 minutes? Plays and ballets to go to every weekend – 20 minutes away? Or any kind of fitness class you ever wanna try? I spent a lot of time driving as a teenager, that’s what! Sometimes I miss the quiet. The views. I would love a mountain in my back yard. And water in my front yard. But I want the life of the city too. So what’s your verdict?? City or country?
Idk about you, but this energizes me.


And this relaxes me.


6. And now that I’ve had my run; pizza, wine, & chocolate chip cookies at my moms; its SOA time! Sweetheart.


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