Ran for chocolate

I’m gonna state the obvious. This weather is GREAT and I love running in it. I added an extra mile tonight since ive been running 4 miles since getting back at it. The little hills made my legs wanna fall off. And I used to have a problem with my toes going numb, but they stopped doing it the last few months. Until tonight. No bueno. But luckily it was just one foot and it didn’t last long. I’ve been having a really hard time adjusting my breathing. I had such a good breathing routine BS (before surgery), and now its all over the place. I thought I was in good shape & 7 weeks off wouldn’t hurt, but I guess the 5 pounds I put on by sitting on the couch eating Ben and Jerry’s might not have been the best idea. :/


And so it was obviously in my best interest to have a chocolate caramel cupcake after dinner in celebration of my moms bday. (Dinner was healthy though if that counts for anything – tilapia, veggies, and brown rice. And wine. Obviously.)



I know you don't wanna see pics of veggies & rice. Just the good stuff.

If your in the market for some good, natural ChapStick (which I’m sure you are because ChapStick is like workout clothes – you can’t have too many), EOS is a great brand and their chapstick not only WORKS but its yummy and cute. My sis got me hooked on it, then sent me a pic of new flavors at Target. As I was leaving the Target parking lot. Lucky for me, Target is a weekly stop, so I grabbed the sweet mint the other day. Es bueno.




(I’m not sure what’s with the Espanol, but somedays you just gotta spice life up with another language. Its that or sing everything.)

One last thing. Pumpkin of course.


Your gonna want these in your belly. Trust me.


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