Punch it out.

Ya you heard me. Punch it out. I hadn’t been to boxing in quite a while, so once I got there tonight and started beating up the bag, I realized I had a lot of emotions to let loose. So if your dealing with something hard (which we will all deal with trials at one point or another) boxing is for you. So is running because ‘running it out’ helps too, but just beating the crap out of a punching bag is like a sweet release. At one point, I was so into it, and my thoughts were on my current trial, and the tears just let loose too. Thank God its a dark room and your sweating so bad that no one would even notice the difference between sweat and tears…and thank God for punching bags eh?


Confession: I caved. Actually, Phillipi caved and when I tried to save him, he drug me down with him because he’s physically stronger.


I was doing so well too, drinking my coffee black or with coconut milk…

So. Doctors don’t waste any time sending you the bill! I thought we got enough bills for my little surgery, but they didn’t think so. We got the motherload today. Its like, my salary for one year. And that was just for the operating room! Hence the bottle of wine tonight because this was me.


Same same.


Speaking of wine, I met up with my friend, Chandra, last night at The Wine Bistro. Love that place! It was a no corking fee night, so it was cheaper to just buy a bottle. She’s a red girl and I’m a white girl, but man, her red was REALLY good! I added it to my “wine list”. And she even liked my white, so we did good!



Need a new, healthy snack idea? Just got these & tried them today & LAAAWWWD, they are good.



And their so cute!

If your still single, make sure you find & marry a guy who can cook. I mean, it might not be a deal breaker, but its definitely a plus. Just sayin’. Philco is a creative cooker and dinner tonight was A+! Spinach, cheese, and meatless meat quessadillas. With hot sauce. Deeeeeee-lish!



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