Or in my case, kick it out.

So. ‘Member how I said I punched the crap outta that bag yesterday? Ya well, I now know that I KICKED the crap outta that bag more than I punched it. My legs were sore this morning, but 24 hours later and I feel like I look like I’m learning to walk again. (Or rather, I’d rather not be walking at all…) My inner thighs are so sore that I feel like they shouldn’t be touching anymore…


Pretty sure I’ll need a run tomorrow to stretch my legs out. I’m going to try to go for 8 miles tomorrow. Should be good. I was hoping the run club at my gym would be started back up by the time I was running again, but I called today, and they aren’t. Boo. So I called the local running store today & they have a group that meets every Saturday at 8am & they do a long run around Westerville. With water throughout the course & food at the end and all! My kinda run club! Only sad thing is, I’ll be out of town this Saturday and next! Boo. 😦 but lucky for me, they are the most dedicated run club and they meet rain, shine, or snow. Yup. All.year.long. Every.Saturday. We’ll see if I can “brave the run”.


Yes i have this shirt.

Tonight was a concert with friends and my mom. So good.


Dinner beforehand was a quick one – pasta & meatless meatballs to “carb it up” for tomorrows “longer” run.


And now watching TV with The Hus and trying to wind down for bed. But I’m so excited that its Friday tomorrow!
‘Night friends!


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