My run. My road. My fiery stomach.

Well. I got in a “long (er)” run tonight. My goal was 8 miles, but by mile 4, I knew I could only do 3 more miles instead of 4. Sounds lame now that I’m typing it…but I felt great for those 7 miles. My lungs were tired though! It was The. BEST. Running. Weather. Ever.



And so pretty running through Westerville neighborhoods. I made sure to crunch as many leaves as possible. ‘Member how I found a road named after Phil and I wanted my own road? Well I found it! Yup. Now I wanna run down my road and see if any houses are for sale.


Are you good about stretching before and/or after working out?? Don’t lie to me!! I’m terrible about stretching on my own. I pretty much only stretch when I’m taking a class at the gym because they make you warm up at the beginning and stretch at the end. However, if I’m sore, I make sure I stretch it out. And tonight was that night. Along with my kermit compression socks.


Obviously im ready for a fashion show. I love me some colors!

Definitely felt better after my run and stretching!


Confession: I’m still head over heels for green. Mint green especially.


PS2 made another pot of veggie soup this week. So good. But as I was going to heat it up today at work, my boss said my lunch looked disgusting and like grass. Haha. Well it was good grass. With tons of veggies mixed in.

Let’s discuss vitamins and supplements. I’m a fan of them. (But not prescription drugs or diet pills…) I regularly take a  prenatal multi vitamin – mostly because they help my hair. But I just started back up on red raspberry and glucosimine. And today, cayenne. Because it makes me able to never get sick when everyone around me is coughing up a lung, sneezing, achy, and stuffed up. I took it today after my grass lunch, because it tells you to take it with food, but within about 5 minutes, my stomach was literally on fire. I mean, I needed the fire department to hose my stomach down! I’ve never had that problem before and I didn’t like it. I ended up eating a granola bar to see if it would help and it did. I want to keep taking it, but need to maybe take 1 at a time at different meals. And with carbs.

So. Now that I’ve had quite the Friday – including giving my mom a pedicure and Phillipi a manicure, its time for my own relaxing! We are having movie night tonight since The Hus and I will be out of town tomorrow. We were supposed to be coloring my moms hair (apparently some people get gray hairs? I don’t have any, but it seems that everyone close to me is getting grayer by the day…I dunno why…), but that is waiting until next weekend now when we go to my sisters.

So anyone have any good plans for the weekend??
What vitamins and/or supplements do you take???


2 thoughts on “My run. My road. My fiery stomach.

  1. I take so many vitamins and supplements! My stomach has a hard time absorbing them from food (trying to find the cause) so my blood tests always come up that I’m deficient. Currently I take a b vitamin, b12, vitamin D and C, a multivitamin and magnesium. Btw magnesium is awesome for muscle soreness! Great job on the run lady. I think I may treat myself to a manicure today!


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