Planning 2014

I have a confession (I seem to have a lot if these…). I have been feeling some slight jealousy over all the marathoners today between the Columbus marathon and the Runners World 1/2. I wanted to do one of those this year (just a 1/2), but I obviously had some red lights in my road recently. So “good job!!” to the ones who were blessed to be running races today.


I spent yesterday looking up races for next year, so I’m already making my list for 2014. At this point in time, I’m planning a lot of halves and one full. I need to keep up the training though because I already found one that is a series race – one in January and one in February. Brrrrr. But you get clif bars and hoodies and 2 shirts and a hydration bottle! The prizes and race packet is what you run for right!? Oh, and the food you can eat before and after…


So its a good thing I started stocking up on winter running apparel because its going to look like this before we know it…



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