Thoughts, happenings, and suggestions for the day.

Well. We were supposed to be out of town today so it was a rest day. But then we had to change our “going out of town day” to tomorrow because of work. So now I’m going to have TWO rest days. Oh well. Life goes on right?

I did, however, download the map my run app and came up with a 6, 8, and 10 mile route around town.

I also started gearing up for cold weather running…yay. On the sunny side, I figured some “fun, warm clothes” (like these from RBX) would help to get me out there in the cold weather…


These gloves. Target. By Champion. Can’t wait to test them out on the next cold day of running. Which will happen this. week.




As I was watching TV last night, I realized my compression socks have a designated left & right. Glad they just happened to be on the correct feet!


And now comes the time when my hands crack and bleed. Seriously. Between Philco and I, we have plenty of lotions scattered all over our house, but this one from Burts Bees  is GREAT for a really thick, moisturizing one. And the fruity scents are really good.


Get yourself some!!

Random laugh of the day.


And last but not least, I drove down my road today. I wanted Phil to see my road. Its a nice road. It must be a great road to live on because only one house was for sale. I’m ready to buy it.


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