Note to self

Note to self: It’s fall. Wear the gloves you JUST bought for running, carry tissues, and lather on the chapstick (you JUST bought…). My GAWSH! You’d think I had never ran in the cold before. Although in my defense, it HAS been a while…

So, as you’ll see, I had one of my best runs.


My body and mind felt strong tonight, but obviously my mind was stronger because literally 10 seconds into my run, I realized I had to pee. And not just a little. Maybe that pushed me to be fast too…?! And within 60 seconds, my toes were numb. I really don’t know how I ran so fast, but hopefully I don’t need to make sure I have to pee before every run just to run fast…the few little hills definitely made my legs tired.


This was running up a hill...I'm trying to smile...

Weather was cold, but not unbearable. Gloves would have definitely made it better.


This is what I came home to after my run.


This has been my breakfast for the past few days. My nephew got me hooked on Bolthouse Farms smoothies and they are buy one get one free right now so yay!



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