I can’t even say the word.

Listen. I know that it’s by choice that we live in Ohio. But I believe there is an unspoken rule that says that there should not be s – – – (I can’t even say the ‘s’ word yet.) while it is still fall. The s – – – is supposed to wait for WINTER. And it’s NOT winter yet! Now, don’t get me wrong, I like the cold weather. I can handle cold because I love hoodies and jeans and boots just about as much as workout clothes. (But not quite as much). So the cold weather makes me happy, but I really could live without that fluffy white stuff. Really. I did not like going to my car this morning and finding this. No. Just. NO.

snow 2snow 1


Next. I have never tried the Larabars because I’m so stuck on the Clif & Mojo bars. HOWEVER! One of the other bloggers I follow (I can’t even remember who) was talking about a coconut macaroon Larabar, and when I heard ‘coconut’, a light bulb went off and I knew I had to go right out to Kroger and get some to try. They actually have 3 – yes, THREE – coconut variations. I tried the coconut macaroon one today and I have to say…I’m in love. (But I still have a love affair going on with Clif bars too – just so ya know I’m not cheating on them.)


Next. I signed up for a different monthly box – Bulu box. Got my first box today and I’m kinda just a little excited about it. I’m excited to try the natural protein gel, the body glove surge and the allergy stuff.

box bulu box

It came with a little card that tells you all about each product and the cost of it if you were to buy the regular sizes.

bulu info


So tonight was kickboxing. Same great ‘beat-and-kick-the-crap-out-of-a-bag-to-release-all-your-frustrations-in-a-healthy-manner’ workout. I’m gonna feel it tomorrow I just know it.

Next. (If your keeping track, yes, this is my THIRD ‘next’ thing…) So we all know – at least I think we all know – that I’m slightly hippy-ish and I strive to use as many organic, natural, chemical-free products as I can possibly handle. Well. I’ve been thinking about coloring my hair for winter – red & brown low lights actually – but 1. I don’t want the chemicals of hair dye; and 2. I need a protein treatment. So I’ve been doing what I do best – RESEARCHING! I found a couple sites/products that I would try, but I hate ordering these types of things online. I’d rather buy it in a store. Call me crazy. And I’m a lover of online shopping! Ok, back to the task at hand. Anyone have any suggestions about this? These are the 3 sites/products I am looking at:



http://keragreen.com.au/index.html (this site is really just hair treatments and not dye)


But I think I’ll just try Whole Foods first to see what brands they have there…Anyone experiment with the Henna hair dye?? GIVE ME YOUR WISDOM!

snow cat


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