It got real.

Oh I have so many things going on in my head right now to tell you, that I can’t even get my fingers to type fast enough.

Tonight was strictly strength. Now, this class used to be no limits circuit – emphasis on the ‘no limits‘ – but it changed to strictly strength like, the week I ended up in surgery and couldn’t workout for a while. So tonight was my first ‘strength’ workout since about 10 weeks ago (give or take a week…). I went into the class with a sore back from boxing last night. I came out with an even sorer back – and jelly-like arms and shoulders. (In case your still stuck on the fact that I used the word ‘sorer’ and wondering if that is even a word, no, it probably is most likely not a word, but I like making words up and it’s now a word in my world. It’s a gift really and if you want to use my new word, your more than welcome to it.)

Now, our guy likes to make things “real”. As if his classes aren’t “real” enough. Usually, you feel like you are about to die, and then he throws out “it’s about to get real!!” and your like, uh, wasn’t it already real enough?! And then… <insert his evil, devilish laugh>. Yup. So it got really “real” with shoulders and arms. My arms were shaking then, and they are shaking now. I’m hoping I can lift my arms to do my hair and makeup in the morning…



THEN! (Yes, there was more torture.) We get to the last 5 minutes (before the cooldown) where we do abs. Oh how I’ve totally forgotten that I have ab muscles…I mean, you could never really see them, but if I tried really hard to make a stomach muscle, and you press hard on my stomach, you can feel the start of something great.


This is totally how my abs look. WAAAY underneath there somewhere…

We all must’ve kept stopping on the crunches and scissors (I know they aren’t called scissors, but I can’t remember what they are called and i’m too lazy to open up another tab to google it…and I think we all know what scissors do/look like, so we can all imagine what kind of ab workout that was…). ANYWAYS! During THOSE, he promised us that we wouldn’t die from them. I really did have my doubts though, but here I am blogging away 2 hours later. Proof that he was right – we didn’t die from 5 minutes of abs.

So. Before the class, I had about 12 minutes, so I set up mine and my mom’s stuff, then hit the treadmill for a speedy mile. I forgot our gym got new treadmills. They. Are. Awesome. Computer screens and all. Courses and apps and training programs. I just might actually start to like the treadmill this winter!

treadmill LT TM

Tonight I tried the Smarty Pants adult multi-vitamin gummies. I like them because I hate taking pills. I gag and choke. I’ve wanted to try gummies, but all the ones I find have corn syrup and other crap in them. But not these Smarty Pants ones! Nope. And they taste like sour patch kids – without all the ‘sour’.



Now, off to rest my arms, do laundry, pack for a weekend away at my sister’s with my mom, and cook dinner – TACOS! Have a great Friday tomorrow ya’ll! 🙂




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