Run safe.

Not to start this post out on a sad note, but it’s just a reminder for us all…Philco brought home the Westerville paper over the weekend, and on the front page was a story of a woman who was jogging in Westerville and was murdered. Stabbed multiple times. Now, of course Phillipi is all “your never going running again by yourself!”, but I’m all “I can’t live my life in fear everyday and not do things for fear of being killed! If it’s my time to go, it’s my time to go and I’ll go whether I’m out jogging with a group, or sitting on my couch alone. I know where I’m going when I die.” They have no idea yet who did it or why, but they have a suspect in custody. This is all just to say that when your running – alone – be aware of your surroundings! I haven’t even been listening to music lately because 1. I’ve been enjoying just listening to my feet hit the pavement and the birds singing and 2. I figure I can hear a car coming up on me – or a person. So just make sure your safe and smart when running – whether it’s on the roads or at the park. No reason to live in fear everyday, but at the same time, we need to be aware of what’s around us or out of place on our routes.


Well, my mom and I were planning on going to spinning tonight, but around 2:30, I got a text from her asking if I wanted to go to the park instead because it was so nice out…Heck to the YA! When you work in a room with no windows, you don’t realize what it’s like outside. I trusted her opinion of what a “nice day” really is and said “yup, meet ya at 4:30!”. When I walked outside to leave work, I was hit with sunshine and 60 degrees. What a change from apple picking in the snow 2 days ago! That’s Ohio for ya!

A sad thing happened on the way to the park though.



She died. I mean, she didn’t really die, but she’s broken. 😦 Thank God for phone apps eh? So for now, I’ll be content with my Nike app on my phone, but eventually I’ll be in the market for a new watch. And probably not a Nike one. I like the Nike watch, but I think I want one that has more options…This one was good to me though – for 3 years. I feel like she could have lasted longer…(why I’m referring to my “watch” as “she” is beyond me.).

So this was my run today. I set out to do 5 miles, and decided at mile 2.5 (where I normally turn around) that I was gonna do 6. My legs were kinda tired today, but I finished strong. It must be that everyone is trying to get in their last “outside runs” for the year, because the park was pretty packed. Not me though! Nope, imma be all hard core and run all winter long. (Feel free to hold me accountable to that btw…)

6 miler


Anyone try these?? I haven’t, but I’m about to as soon as I’m done filling you all in on my life today! (No, I did not have enough sweets for the week over the last weekend which was filled with donuts.)

ice cream


Last but not least, a Vincism from the previous weekend. We went to a nearby park to take some pics of 5cent, and as we kept yelling out how to pose for each picture, he finally yelled, “I just want to pose like an old man!” Well, ok then. Here’s the “old man pose”.

old man


And of course, there had to be a mission impossible pose…

mission impossible


Run SAFE, ya’ll!


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