Disclaimers, Tuesday’s run, So Delicious, and whatever else is on my mind…

Ok. First of all, I need to throw out 2 disclaimers from yesterday’s post. 1. The Westerville murder was the first murder in Westerville since 1991. Westerville is usually a pretty safe place and we have never really needed to worry. Every time you see a cop pulling someone over, there are 3 cops. No joke. We pulled into our drive once, and 3 – yes, THREE – cops had a bicycle pulled over and were searching his backpack…that’s how we roll ’round here. 2. As far as my Nike watch biting the dust, if you are from a running watch company, feel free to send me a free running/GPS watch and I’ll write a review on it…just sayin’.

Ok. Now for the real. My mom and I went to the park again today. It wasn’t as sunny as yesterday, but it was still a nice running day. My calves were soooooo sore though! I’m surprised I ran as fast as I did actually…


And I definitely felt the need to stretch it out today! Go me – the responsible runner!


I think it’s really time to order a foam roller though…I have one picked out that Hungry Runner Girl posted about – it’s a Weider 3-in-1 massage roller.

Just an FYI – these So Delicious mini coconut bars are UHHHHHMMMAAAAZZZZIIINNNGGG!!!! Get some.


Oh. There is this lady that I pass every time I run at the park. She runs too – in the opposite direction I’m always going. Why am I telling you about a random lady running at my park? Because she runs BAREFOOT! Ya. OR, sometimes in sandals. SANDALS! Ya, know, the kind of sandal that is a thong between your toes and has no back…How do you run in sandals?! I mean, I’ve heard of barefoot running, but I would think it would be easier to run barefoot than in sandals…Anyone else run barefoot? Or in sandals? It’s cool to admit it, I won’t judge. I just wanna know how the heck you do it!

I’ll end this day with a Vincism to hopefully make you laugh…Over the weekend, I had some extra bottles of Nuun in my bag, so I asked my sister if she needed more. (I got her hooked on Nuun a few months ago…your welcome.) She said she didn’t need more because she hadn’t been feeling good lately, so she wasn’t working out. Queue Vince: “I’ll workout for some Nuun!!” I’m gonna guess he might be running for Nuun here…?? Proud Aunt right here.




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