What’s in your wallet?

Or for the girls…what’s in your purse? Moi?


Yup. Pens and lip gloss. That’s what’s in my purse. I love pens. And lip gloss. And I have a little happy dance that I do whenever The Hus brings me pens home from work. Hospital/drug pens are the best. And today was my lucky day.


And apparently since I just found out that he visits the employee health center regularly (he’s a bipolar hypochondriac and I love him…although idk how it’s a good idea that he works in a hospital…?), he brought me home other presents too!


Mini flashlight that hooks right on my keychain.

Since I’ve been getting up even before the rooster crows every day this week, and working extra hours each day, I was exhausted tonight. Came home, took a nap, and then went for a little walk in the park with Philco. I was surprised at how nice it still was at 7pm!


These. Yum. Get some.


Well, I didn’t feel too too guilty missing contact tonight because I knew tomorrow’s strength class would make it up, but lo and behold, my gym friend, Mandy JUST texted me and told me that classes were cancelled tomorrow because of Halloween. Boo! (As in sad, not trying to scare you.) Really?! Don’t we all need to work off the halloween candy?! Guess it’s running. In the rain if it really rains like they are calling for…



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