I ran for pizza.

Literally. And I probably do that more than I even let you in on…


Pizza. It’s what’s for dinner.

These Simple Truth pizza’s new to Kroger are what’s up.



Stones for baking and cooking? Or regular baking sheets? We love our stones!


K. Moving on from food pizza. For a few minutes anyways…

So I wasn’t all “hard core” like I said I was…I drove my butt to the gym to hit the ‘mill. Didn’t feel like toughing out a rainy, wet run tonight…However. Once I got to the gym, I saw my class going on! Here I thought it was cancelled, but it wasn’t! Boo hoo. Oh well. Life goes on eh? I had a good treadmill workout. Lasted 4 long, boring miles…And spent the last mile doing tabata’s (20 seconds all out fast as I can run and then a 10 second recovery). I felt GREAT afterwards! I wanted to do the row machine afterwards, but I was whipped!



The only thing I don’t like about these new treadmills, is that it doesn’t give you an average pace at the end… :/

K. Back to food…Maybe I should’ve given this blog a different name because I feel like I talk more about food than I do running and working out…Eh, food is the reason I run though, so you’ll have to deal. 🙂

Found these lovely chocolates at Kroger tonight. I’m excited about Amy’s candy! Now I just need to find those other 2 flavors…



And now I have white chicken chili cookin’ on the stove and in the crock pot. We’re having a chili cook-off at work tomorrow and I got recruited to make chili…I’ve never even had white chicken chili let alone make it, so this will be good. And I’ll be laughing inside as they all eat a meatless chili. 😉

IMG_1367 IMG_1371[1]




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