I didn’t run for pizza.

But I had pizza today…from a place that 5cent wanted to take me and my mom – Tony Sacco’s.



V knows good pizza when he has it!


We did balance it out with a salad though!


The salad was huge and we all were able to split it.


Although, before the healthy salad and pizza that I didn’t run for, we got donuts again… :/



It’s supposed to be 52 and sunny tomorrow, so running off the pizza and donuts is definitely in order!

And I’ll be able to try out a pair of my new “cold weather” running pants.




These 2 from Layer 8 are fleece lined and have a zippered pocket on the back – 2 things I love!



I love RBX too. Love the design’s on the 2 pair I got and you can see they have reflectors too – which is great considering it is pretty much always dark in winter…and the zipper pocket in the back makes them get an extra point.



And I also love the Mondetta pants – no zipper pockets, but love the ankle design and reflectors.



Last but not least, we have an orange belt karate kid on our hands now! Hiyah!



And at first, it looked like he knew the importance of stretching and I was so proud…



But then when it was time for the group to stretch together, we noticed the effort to stretch was gone…he’s a little chatty cathy and spent the “stretch time”, watching everyone else…haha


Or maybe he figured he had stretched enough on his own…?!?!



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