Turning into a bear.

As the past few weeks have been darker, rainy, and colder, my “hibernation mode” feelings have been creeping up. I hate the dark, gray clouds of Ohio winters because I fight depression and just wanting to spend time with my couch/bed and blanket…Hence one of the many reasons of why I want to join a running club and the one I found, runs all year long. Although, buying new workout clothes helps to make you want to workout.

Tried out one of the RBX pairs today and they are perfect.



Forgot to tell ya that I finally bought a foam roller. Not the 3-in-1 I wanted, but just a cheap one so that I could figure out if I’ll use it and like it. It’s definitely a “hurt so good” feeling.




So I planned on a 7-8 mile run today. I got all wrapped up in other stuff today – mostly being lazy and meeting a friend for lunch – and so when I finally went, I had already eaten lunch – a black bean burger and fries. Which means, I felt heavy and slow and tired. I really need to get back on track eating healthier…the last few months have been awful with the carbs and every time I start to get back on track, something goes awry. Needless to say, my desire for a 7-8 mile run turned into, “I’ll just run a 5k and work on speed”. But as soon as I started out running, I wore myself out pretty fast – mostly my lungs. So my 5k turned into a 4k.

IMG_1459 IMG_1458


Anyone hear of food combos and which foods to avoid?? This article was in our Lifetime magazine this month, and it’s really interesting. After talking about it with my mom and sis over the weekend, our Papa had learned about this info years ago and I realized he is the one who got me to stop drinking with my meals – and I didn’t even remember why I stopped drinking with meals! Good info and makes a lot of sense…just be prepared for people giving you strange looks as you tell them (10 times) that you really don’t want anything to drink with your meal…



One last little piece of info that might help you sleep tonight…Over the weekend, I put my hair in a ponytail and asked my mom if it looked ok since I’m growing my hair back out. She replied with, “ya! it’s cute – it looks like a horse’s tail.” Oh. ok. Thanks mom?



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