I was made for this.

And being a great wife ironer is probably not it. :/ Apparently i’m slacking in the wife department because I don’t iron Philco’s work clothes…I told him that if he got me an ironing board, I’d iron them. And so when he bought me an ironing board, I did iron his clothes. Once. So recently I was reminded that I’ve only ironed one.time.  The guilt set in so tonight after my run, I did all his laundry and then ironed it all. Even his jeans. Let’s just say…this. is not what I look like when I’m ironing…


Why can’t he be a construction worker who wears wrinkly jeans and stained white tee shirts?!


Wearing green, yes, but smiling while an iron is in your hand? Def not. I need an attitude check on this one because you can probably still sense my bitterness…Next time I might have to sing a mantra like, “I love my husband and I love ironing his clothes for him”. I’m sure I can find a catchy tune for that…

K. Moving on.

What I was really made for though, is running in the fall. Apparently I get faster in the cooler weather…Or it was just the fact that it’s getting darker sooner so I wanted to make sure I got my 6 miles in before I needed to bust out a headlamp. Because I don’t have a headlamp. And apparently running in the dark is common, because as I was finishing my miles, people were just starting their run.


At the end of this run though, I felt as if this is the fastest I will ever be. it was slightly difficult…


I’ll take 57 for fall weather!! PERFECT running temps!



Came home and used my foam roller. I can really tell a difference in my calves the day after a run. And the day after using the roller. 

Oh. Last night (Monday), my mom and I went to spinning. There is a new instructor, Amy, that teaches it on Mondays, and she is good. Good music, good energy, hard ride. Lots of hovering.

Dinner last night and tonight consisted of a lot of these…Back to consuming a minimal amount of carbs…



And PS. Maybe I’ve mentioned this before, but if I haven’t, you should try Trader Joe’s brown rice. Super easy – just dump the bag in a pot on medium heat for 8 minutes and viola! 





So. Do you iron?? I never ironed my clothes, so someone caring about whether they are wrinkly or not, is a new concept to me. I need to invest in wrinkle release spray I think…



6 thoughts on “I was made for this.

    • Oh you lucky girl! He’s a keeper! I can’t complain though because I have never had to clean a bathroom since being with him. And he helps cook too! Gotta keep those kinds – even if it means ironing! 😉


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