Writing a blog in my head while running 9 miles.

= Being that person that texts while running. The kind of person that annoys the heck out of The Hus. And the reason we – The sis, The mom, The hus, and I – decided not to get V a tablet for Christmas. Because no one knows how to stay off their pieces of technology when they are out and about or with other people. (Me included as I sit here with my laptop in my lap and my phone and tablet right next to me…) The day we were watching V at karate? We watched a girl play on a tablet the entire time her brother was in karate. Two brothers each play on tablets while waiting for their class to start – with 20 kids standing around them watching them play games. And a father shop on amazon on his tablet while his kid was in a karate class. THEN! Oh it gets even better! As we were leaving, we walked by a baby – a BABY – in a stroller, drinking from a bottle – STILL DRINKING FROM A BOTTLE – while playing on a tablet sitting on their stroller shelf. That’s right folks. When did we get like this and why do we continue to allow ourselves to just “move along with the speed of technology”?? And we wonder why our kids today are socially awkward  or in trouble all the time…


Boy I started this post off making you wanna keep reading eh!? These are the thoughts that happen when running 9 miles without music. Along with the many lists I came up with in my head. Well, I actually started “writing” them on the notes app that I have on my phone…What can I say? I like my lists and I have a terrible memory. Now that I’m looking at my lists, and all the pictures that I had to stop and take today during my run, this might end up being a book and not just a blog post…sorry.

So, one of my “laundry lists” I made today, was a bucket list. Not really sure if bucket lists are meant to be shared?? Or like, some private little thing that only you and “the list” knows about…but, well, I’m an open book and like share all my information, so here are some of my bucket list things:

~Finish getting my private pilot’s license (I was half done with this when I quit taking lessons and I kick myself everyday for quitting.)

~Learn to play the violin

~Do a triathlon

~Travel to Italy, Bora Bora, Germany, and well, pretty much every other country in the world. I love traveling.

~Run a Ragnar

~More scuba trips (it’s been too long…and way too few)

~Learn Italian

Ok. Moving on. I’ll be adding to the bucket list a lot more, I’m sure of it.  And you’ll be the first to know what I added.

The next thing I was thinking about, was how on November 1st, everyone and their mother started their “daily thanks”. Now, don’t get me wrong, I think it’s great that we remember to be thankful for things, but shouldn’t this be something we do all the time?? So feel free to keep your “thankful lists” going way past November 30th. Or is the 31st?  So it got me thinking -1. about what I’m thankful for. and 2. that I’m going to have a New Year’s Resolution (that starts in November 🙂 to say something that I’m thankful for everyday in hopes of keeping a thankful attitude and encouraging all of you to be thankful for something everyday, all the time. Even when life just plain sucks.

My thankful list for today:

~Colors. If you know me, you know I love COLOR! This is one of the few things that makes my mom and I complete opposites – she loves her some black. Although I’m slowly but surely wearing her down. Exhibit A.


She actually bought them, THEN text me to see what I thought. What do you think I thought? #proud.

~Not being rich. You heard that right. Now, don’t get me wrong, I have a long list of needs wants, but if we have everything we want, what do we have to look forward to? Also, I think when your rich, you have a harder time relating with people because there are so many trials and consequences that you can just “pay your way out of”. (If you choose this route.) Which in turn, means they don’t change and grow you into a better, caring, sympathetic, relatable person. Which in turn means, when a trial does strike you (because it will at some point!), that you really can’t pay your way out of, you fall apart and lose it. (Not that all those rich people are like that, but let’s be real about how many are.)

~Crunchy, fall, colorful leaves. And I made sure to “connect the dots piles of leaves” on the path today by running through them all. Exhibit B.


~My legs and health to be able to run and workout

~And last but not least, this one might kill me to say it, but I’m thankful that so many friends are able to get pregnant and have kids. Why? Because I do have some good friends, and this world needs some parents raising up some kids that are going to be beneficial to our society. Our kids today are our future and at the rate kids are going today, it ain’t lookin’ pretty! So, even though i’m not blessed with kids, – or rather, getting knocked up in a timely manner – I’m thankful that there are some great parents out there, that I know of, who are raising up some spiritual, wise, balanced kids who realize there is more to life than themselves. They are our future and we all have to deal with them someday.

~That July 4th is on a Friday next year. Which = a long weekend! Which means I think I’ll take Monday off because it’s my bday and it’s a “milestone bday”. The big 3-5. And I’m kinda not looking forward to it. I mean, I’m thankful for 30’s because my 20’s were pretty screwed up and unstable, and my 30’s have been better, but thinking about hitting 35 means I’m closer to 40. And the 4-0 REALLY scares me! But on the real, your only as old as you feel right? At least that’s how I’m living! And by gosh, I feel 25 so i’m goin’ with it!

Oh, I’m not done yet. So about my 9 miles today. It. was. great. I had the necessities.


About these Gu chomps. I had never tried them before because I always take the Honey Stingers. For me, Gu = gross and Honey Stingers = not gross. BUT, these Gu watermelon chomps, are not gross. The only problem I had, and I have this problem with the Honey Stingers too, is that they are big and I have a hard time chewing and running.  Ya, I just said that. Can I take back that I just admitted that?? (The Honey Stingers are small.) I mean, it’s not like you can close your mouth and chew when you are running and trying to breathe…so your trying to not drool all over yourself or look like an animal when passing other people. I ended up eating one at mile 4, 6, and 8.

Passed 2 couples running while pushing a stroller and holding a dog leash. And another couple with just the dog and no stroller. I love seeing families workout together and seeing them teach their kids that health and taking care of your body is essential.

Aaaaaand got pelted with berries at one point. Or maybe it was walnuts or apples? I dunno, but I was pelted in the head and just kept going.

So this was my run today.


At this point, I looked down and heard Rachel’s voice…”Just a 5k to go!” Was I hallucinating? Maybe. But I heard her voice.


And these are all the pictures I had to stop and take today. It was just one of those days.


That IS my mom standing there…thinking she is not in the picture whatsoever because she doesn’t want to be “on the internet”. heh heh heh….she’ll soon find out…


Do you see the deer! He just looked at me while I took his picture, then went back to eating.

IMG_1497 IMG_1498 IMG_1496

And a new head band to cover my ears!


So. What are you thankful for today?


One thought on “Writing a blog in my head while running 9 miles.

  1. I am thankful for YOU…and the many wonderful people I got to know while teaching at Victory Christian School so loooonng ago. I say long, because you, Nikki, just said you’re going to be 35 on your next birthday. That is just NOT possible…lol! I feel incredibly blessed to have had the opportunity to be a part of VCS. Your willingness to be so open and transparent through your blog remind me to be thankful for everything that happens; good things, challenging things and the downright awful things that we all go through. 🙂


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